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S-225 - ABM-2 System

This endo-atmospheric (lower-tier) interceptor was under development during the early 1970s as part of the ABM-2 system, probably along with the prototype of the possibly similar Gazelle developed for the ABM-3 system. It and was apparently cancelled after the success of the ABM-3's Gazelle.


Russian missile designation: S-225
Russian system designation: ?
DIA temporary code: SH-?
DIA code: ABM-2
NATO reporting name: not assigned
Designer: Grushin OKB (OKB-2, now MKB Fakel)
Manufacturer: ?
Development year: ?
Deployment year: Never deployed
Type: Endo-atmospheric (lower-tier) interceptor
Guidance: Radar command
Propulsion: ?
Range: ?
Warhead: ?

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