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51T6 Gorgon
Moscow System

The 51T6 [NATO reporting name GORGON] ABM interceptor missile, introduced in the mid 1980s, is the high-altitude exo-atmospheric component of the improved Moscow ABM system. It is deployed in silos at facilities surrounding Moscow.


Russian missile designation: 51T6
Russian system designation: A-135
DIA temporary code: SH-11
DIA code: ABM-4
NATO reporting name: Gorgon
Designer: Grushin OKB (OKB-2, now MKB Fakel)
Manufacturer: Kisunko SKB (SKB-30, now NIIRP)
Development year: ?
Deployment year: 1983/84
First seen in public: ?
Retirement year: Still operational
Type: Exo-atmospheric (upper-tier) interceptor
Guidance: Radar command
Propulsion: Three liquid-fueled stages
Range: 350 km. (320 km.)
Warhead: Nuclear (1 Mt)

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