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Dog House
Kubinka, Naro-Fominsk
55°31'01"N 36°39'27"E

In 1959, the draft project of the "A" anti-missile system was completed under the supervision of Chief Designer of the system G. Kisunko, and building of an experimental field model began. The system included the Dunai-2 long-range radars with a range of 1,200 kilometers, designed by the NII-37 under the supervision of Chief Designer V. Sosulnikov. The main command and computing center for the Moscow ABM system was built 70 kilometers from Moscow. The building was adjacent to the antenna of the long-range detection system, which domestic specialists called the Shalash, and NATO dubbed the Dog House.

In the early 1980's due to the planned deployment of American Pershing-2 missiles in Western Europe, the Dunai-3U radars were upgraded for broadening of their surveillance sector aimed at covering of the West German territory.

According to some sources, this radar is located in Naro-Fominsk, southwest of Moscow (Lat. 55°23'N - Long. 36°44'E). Other sources, including Zaloga, place the radar near Kubinka. We now know that the Radar is located at (Lat. 55°31'01"N - Long. 36°39'27"E) about 6 kilometers south of Kubinka.

The town of Kubinka, situated 50-75 km south-west of Moscow, is known as the primary school of aerobatics and also as the location of famous display teams, the Strizhy, the Russian Knights and the Flying Hussars. In addition, Kubinka is the largest air base of the Russian air force in the Moscow region. Shortly after foundation, the Strizhy were followed by another display team flying the Sukhoi Su-27, which was founded at Kubinka air base on 5 April 1991. Contrary to the Strizhy’s MiGs, the Knights’ Su-27s are painted up in the Russian national tricolour. The third display team at Kubinka air base, equipped with the Su-25 attack aircraft, the Sky Hussars is the only group in the world to show aerobatics on attack aircraft.

Kubinka is the site of the the Russian tank proving ground. The Kubinka Museum ranks as one of the worlds greatest museums of armoured vehicles. Located at Kubinka, it contains over 290 examples of both Russian and foreign AFVs, many of which are unique. Its existence only confirmed in the late 1990s.

Landsat 30 Meter Imagery of Naro Fominsk

Landsat Imagery of Naro Fominsk Resampled to 10 Meter GSD

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