Space Based Laser




  1. Overarching Government Project Objectives
    1. Continue research efforts to advance and assess the feasibility of the SBL concept
    2. Execute an Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty compliant SBL ballistic missile defense (BMD) demonstration in the CY2005 time frame with acceptable risk
    3. Assess the utility of the SBL concept and technologies for non-BMD missions
    4. Execute effort optimizing balance between knowledge obtained and costs incurred
  2. Procurement Objectives
    1. Management
      1. Establish single integrator with total responsibility for project management and performance
      2. Establish, maintain, and manage to a 1) Project Roadmap, and 2) Integrated Project Execution Plan (IPEP) consisting of, respectively; 1) top level Integrated Management Plan (IMP), and 2) detailed versions of the IMP, Integrated Master Schedule (IMS), Statement of Work (SOW), and Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS) that achieves the Government objectives in 1 above
      3. Implement aggressive risk management to identify and mitigate risks throughout the effort
      4. Provide arrangements for any Government support needed with the responsible organization
      5. Provide joint electronic accessibility to all relevant project data, to include cost performance
      6. Publish technical achievements to advance Government Research and Development (R&D)
      7. Establish Independent Review Team (IRT) to conduct project performance assessments
      8. Provide mechanisms for flexibly planning and adjusting to variations in funding amounts and release dates
    2. Design and Build
      1. Perform, justify, and record trade decisions between performance, cost, schedule, and risk
      2. Conduct technology risk reduction efforts required to support and validate design trades
      3. Conduct specified analyses and technology development efforts supporting SBL concepts
      4. Determine test facility, launch, control facility, test support, and logistics requirements, to include any Government support needed based on best value for project
      5. Identify, minimize and control environmental, safety, health, as well as security requirements
      6. Design and build the demonstrator and demonstration system to comply with the Technical Requirements Document (TRD)
    3. Experiments and Demonstrations
      1. Conduct ground testing and modeling needed to characterize performance and to assure low risk on-orbit performance, including an end-to-end satellite functionality demonstration
      2. Perform on-orbit experiments to characterize performance of integrated vehicle; high energy laser; long range acquisition, tracking, and pointing system; as well as command and control
      3. Perform operationally relevant demonstrations against thrusting Theater Ballistic Missile (TBM) or TBM-like targets through the full process of detection, tracking, and destruction
      4. Perform on-orbit experiments to obtain performance and operations data to evaluate utility of SBL concept for non-BMD missions
    4. Experiment and Demonstration Support
      1. Provide planning, on-orbit operations, data collection, and system performance data analysis
      2. Provide for design, build/modify, activation, and operation of test facilities as needed
      3. Provide for launch, to include processing/integration and launch operations as needed
      4. Provide for SV control facilities, equipment, communications, and operations as needed
      5. Provide for targets, instrumentation, observation assets, and range support as needed
      6. Provide for mission unique equipment, ground support equipment, services, resources, transport, storage, instructions, and training as needed