Space Based Laser

RFI Questions Dated 11 Sep 97

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all who participated in the SBL Industry Day. The project office viewed the sessions as a great success. We are committed to continuing our communication with Industry as we formulate our acquisition strategy and the resultant solicitation. In this vein, we are interested in opinion from Industry on the following questions:

1) We are pursuing an "other transaction" (OT) as the procurement instrument to be used for the SBL Project. a) With the flexibility that the OT provides in mind, what source selection process would be most beneficial in terms of time savings, in a competitive environment? b) In a sole source environment? c) What discussion process would best enable detailed, frank discussions with Offerors? d) What are your ideas on how the agreement should be structured?

2) What would be the most efficient fee/payment structure that would enable the Government to incentivize/grade performance while at the same time ensuring contractor cash flow?

3) The Government’s current approach to the acquisition was outlined in the Industry Day presentation. a) What are your comments on this approach? b) What acquisition arrangement would best allow the project to adapt to the project constraints? (i.e., potentially wide fluctuations in funding)

4) Are there technologies within the SBL project that lend themselves to providing commercial benefits, and would drive the consideration of some sort of cost sharing arrangement?

5) Is there anything you would like to share with the project office?

6) We are very interested in your comments on our draft Statement of Objectives.

We will be posting shortly our draft Technical Requirements Document for your review and comment.

Please mark all company sensitive/proprietary information accordingly. All information posted herein is subject to change. The Government will not be liable for the cost of generating the information requested herein. Preparation of a proposal in response to the information herein is at your own risk.

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