Space Based Laser

RFI questions dated 11 Aug 1997

The Government is investigating the potential use of the "Other Transactions" procurement instrument pursuant to 10 U.S.C. 2371, and desires Industry input on this approach. Specific questions are as follows:

OT1. What are the advantages to using this approach?

OT2. What are the disadvantages to using this approach?

OT3. What are your thoughts on using this approach for the procurement of the SBLRD?

OT4. Would this approach provide greater benefit to the Government versus the use of traditional FAR-based procurements? Please explain.

OT5. What parts of the FAR should be applied to the acquisition if this approach were selected? Please explain.

OT6. If a traditional FAR-based procurement is opted for, what specific deviations/waivers would be beneficial? Please explain.

The intent of the Government is to discuss this approach on Industry Day. Please provide responses to these questions by 1200 hours, 21 Aug 97, if possible. There is no page limitation for responses to these questions. Any proprietary responses should be marked accordingly.

Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC)
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Los Angeles AFB
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