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BMDO Targets Don't Represent Real Threats, Lawmakers Say. Aerospace Daily, Aug 13, 1999, p 240

The targets used by the BMDO for TMD tests don't sufficiently represent real threats, and new targets should be developed, according to the House and Senate defense authorization conferees. They have directed the SecDef to begin development of a new liquid fuel target and have added $5m to the budget for that purpose.

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NATO Agency Rejects Raytheon's Protest Of MEADS Award. Aerospace Daily, Aug 10, 1999, p 215

The NATO agency responsible for the MEADS program has rejected a Raytheon Co. protest that was filed after Lockheed Martin was selected as the US participant in an international team to develop the system. Work has proceeded on the program, which still awaits congressional approval, despite the protest.

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Alaska Launch To Test USAF West Coast Radars. Aviation Week & Space Technology, Aug 09, 1999, p 77

The USAF Atmospheric Interceptor Technology rocket is in firing position in trail runs preparing for its planned September 11 launch. The goal of the AIT-2 mission is to help demonstrate lightweight launch vehicle technologies within the atmosphere and also serve as a target to support BMD system development, according to the USAF. The missile, almost 57 ft long and weighing nearly 32,000 lb at liftoff, will simulate a realistic incoming ballistic missile trajectory (apogee will be about 1,060 naut mi) following a near-polar track south toward or along the West Coast of the US.

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THAAD At Crossroads After Intercept. Aviation Week & Space Technology. Wall, Robert, Aug 09, 1999, pp 29-31

During the Aug 2 test at WSMR, the THAAD missile approached the target at a closing velocity of about 2.5 km (1.55 mi) per second before hitting and destroying the reentry vehicle at an altitude slightly greater than 100 km (62 mi). THAAD was able to select an aimpoint on the RV. The interceptor tries to hit the target as close to the warhead as possible to destroy any submunitions or weapons of mass destruction that may be the payload. That area is about 8 x 10 in. large, said BG Daniel Montgomery, the Army's PEO for Air and Missile Defense, and THAAD was able to hit within that box.

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Washington Outlook: Second Strike. Aviation Week & Space Technology. Asker, James R., Aug 09, 1999, p 27

The Pentagon is considering raiding the NMD program's budget to cover overruns in other missile defense projects. LTG John Costello, commander of the Army Space and Missile Command, said the NMD budget could be reduced as much as $505m in 2001-05. One official said the cut being considered would likely force the cancellation of some ground testing or delay some hardware deliveries. Missile defense supporter Rep Curt Weldon (R-PA) remarked, "Would I be surprised if [the administration] would throw this out? No. Would we oppose it? Absolutely."

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Airborne Laser Tests Under Way At White Sands. BMD Monitor, Aug 06, 1999, pp 11-12

The Airborne Laser (ABL) program is now testing at White Sands Missile Range (WSMR), NM. The Air Force Research Lab's (AFRL) Directed Energy Directorate, which supports ABL, has refurbished a former Army missile tracking facility and adapted it for ABL tests by installing a fast-tracking one meter telescope.

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ASEAN, ARF, Air Concerns About North Korea. BMD Monitor, Aug 06, 1999, pp 4-5

Heightened tensions on the Korean peninsula were a major topic of discussion at the July meetings of the Association of Southeast Asian Nation's (ASEAN) Regional Forum (ARF). Another North Korean missile test, just one year after the surprise test in August 1998, is widely expected later this month.

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BMDO Holds God's Eye View At RS '99. BMD Monitor, Aug 06, 1999, pp 10-11

BMDO provided simulations and interfaces to allow some 16,000 servicemen and allied personnel to participate in the military air operations exercise at Roving Sands '99, held last month at Fort Bliss, TX. Article discusses the simulation network's technology and describes in detail one particular event simulating a Nodong missile launching.

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China Tests New Long-Range Missile, US Watches. BMD Monitor, Aug 06, 1999, p 4

A successful test of a new long-range missile was reported Aug 2 by China's official news agency amid a war of words between China and Taiwan. Some US experts claim the missile, a Dongfeng-31, was developed using stolen American nuclear warhead and missile technology.

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Clementine Hi-Res Moon Maps Completed. BMD Monitor, Aug 06, 1999, p 9

Images of the moon taken by the BMDO/NASA Clementine mission in 1994 have been translated into high-resolution digital maps of the moon and turned over to NASA. The maps will be available online later this year via NASA's Planetary Data System.

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Clinton Signs Missile Defense Act. BMD Monitor, Aug 06, 1999, p 9

The National Missile Defense Act of 1999 was signed into law July 22 stating that it is US policy to deploy an NMD system as soon as technologically possible, with funding subject to the annual budget process.

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Laser Test Results At White Sands Challenge ABL Critics. BMD Monitor, Aug 06, 1999, p 13

A number of new test results would appear to effectively answer critics of the Airborne Laser (ABL) who expressed doubts about the effective range and beam power of the operational system. A Congressional Research Service report had suggested that ABL's tracking laser might not be effective beyond a range of 300km, but that proved not to be the case at White Sands.

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UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 12


Marines Prepare Draft RFP To Expand SHORAD. BMD Monitor, Aug 06, 1999, pp 6-7

The Marine Corps will release a draft RFP to extend its Short Range Air Defense (SHORAD) coverage under an operational requirement called the Complementary Low Altitude Weapon Systems (CLAWS). The Marines and the Army are examining systems which would use Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air missiles (AMRAAM) mounted on a High Mobile Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HUMRAAM).


UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 13


NTW Files Initial Acquisition Baseline. BMD Monitor, Aug 06, 1999, p 9

DoD has submitted an initial selected acquisition report for the Navy Theater Wide (NTW) missile system. The current estimate is $4.46b, the baseline established for the program, and the point from which future changes will be measured.

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UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 14


Russia To Back Multi-National Effort To Stop NK Missile Test. BMD Monitor, Aug 06, 1999, p 5

Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright and the Foreign Ministers of the Republic of Korea and Japan have agreed to coordinate their official policies in response to the expected missile test by North Korea later this month. Russia's Foreign Minister, Igor Ivanov, has promised to support their efforts.

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UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 15


Starfire Optical Range Developing A Double-Barreled Laser System. BMD Monitor, Aug 06, 1999, p 8

Kirtland AFB, NM, provides the setting for a powerful new laser built by TRW. Mounted on the Starfire Optical Range observatory's 3.5-meter telescope, the laser creates a bright green sword of light that narrows to a point 15 kilometers in altitude. The new laser is a frequency doubled, neodymium yag laser pumped by diodes, and is the first of two powerful new laser systems to be installed at the observatory.

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UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 16


THAAD Hit Saves Lockheed Martin From $20 Million Penalty. BMD Monitor. Roosevelt, Ann, Aug 06, 1999, pp 1-2

Prime contractor Lockheed Martin has avoided a $20m penalty by conducting two successful intercept tests for the THAAD weapon system within a specified period of time. BMDO Director LtGen Ronald Kadish praised the Aug 2 performance warmly in a post-test briefing but did not elaborate on the possibility of accelerating the program's engineering, manufacturing & development (EMD) phase. Congressional funding for the THAAD program is also discussed.

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UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 17


US, Russia To Discuss ABM Treaty, START III. BMD Monitor, Aug 06, 1999, p 8

Changes to the ABM Treaty and initial talks on a START III Treaty will top the agenda of a meeting in Moscow later this month. The US wants to amend the 1972 ABM Treaty, which some experts contend is irrelevant in the post-Cold War world. The Russian Duma has yet to ratify the START II Treaty, approved by the US Senate in 1996.

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UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 18


US, Ukraine Extend CTR Agreement. BMD Monitor, Aug 06, 1999, p 3

The US and Ukraine have agreed to extend the Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR) program through December 2006. Under this agreement, the US DoD supplies equipment, services and technical assistance to Ukraine and other former Soviet republics, to dismantle weapons of mass destruction (WMD) inherited from the old Soviet Union.

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UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 19


NATO Denies Raytheon's Protest, MEADS Moves Forward. Defense Daily. Keeter, Hunter, Aug 09, 1999, pp 2-4

NATO has denied Raytheon's protest of the selection of rival Lockheed Martin in last spring's contest over the three-year, $250m MEADS risk reduction contract. Meanwhile, the program is once again fighting for its life in Congress. The House Appropriations Committee recommends killing the program, while the Senate Appropriations Committee wants it to go ahead. The two chambers will resolve their differences over MEADS when they return from recess in September.

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UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 20


DISA Stands Up Computer Network Defense Center. Defense Daily. Keeter, Hunter, Aug 12, 1999, pp 7-8

The Defense Information Services Agency (DISA) yesterday officially stood up the Joint Task Force Computer Network Defense (JTF-CND) center to oversee security for DoD's computing activities.

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UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 21


Conferees Lift Mandate For Three Successful THAAD Tests. Defense Daily. Foote, Sheila, Aug 11, 1999, pp 2-3

The conference report on the FY00 defense authorization bill (S.1059) allows a waiver of a previous legislative requirement for the THAAD system to have three successful intercept tests, clearing the way for the program to enter the engineering and manufacturing development (EMD) phase if the secretary of defense so chooses.

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UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 22


Authorization Conference Finds SBL Schedule Too Slow. Defense Daily. Atkinson, David, Aug 11, 1999, pp 1-2

According to the FY00 defense authorization bill conference report, DoD needs to focus on accelerating its Space Based Laser (SBL) Integrated Flight Experiment (IFX). "The conferees believe that the schedule laid out by the Air Force for an IFX launch in 2012 is not sufficiently aggressive."

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UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 23


US And Ukraine To Extend CTR Agreement Until 2006. Defense Daily, Aug 09, 1999, p 9

The US and the Ukraine have agreed to extend the Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR) program in the Ukraine through December 31, 2006. The Ukraine will receive equipment, services, and technical advice for the prevention of proliferation, the securing and dismantling of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), related materials, and production facilities inherited by the former Soviet Union.

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UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 24


Panels Give BMDO Responsibility For Overseeing SBIRS Low. Defense Daily. Foote, Sheila, Aug 12, 1999, pp 6-7

The House and Senate Armed Services Committees have agreed on legislation that will limit the Air Force's ability to make changes to the Space-Based Infrared Low program, giving management oversight to BMDO.

Descriptors, Keywords: oversight AF SBIRS Low HASC SASC FY00 defense authorization conference report

UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 25


Lockheed Martin Space Unit Looks To THAAD for Growth. Defense News. Mulholland, David, Aug 16, 1999, p 16

Thomas Corcoran, chief operation officer of Lockheed Martin Space and Strategic Missiles Sector sees growth potential in (THAAD) and in satellites. THAAD has had several failed tests, but the two most recent were successful. Lockheed has made changes in it methods and in quality control to insure better performance.

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UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 26


N. Korean Threat Grows, US, Seoul Officials Say. Defense News. Finnegan; Philip, Aug 16, 1999

Gen John Tilelli, commander in chief of US troops in South Korea recently spoke on the threats posed by North Korea. Despite a very poor economy, floods and famine, North Korea spends 30 per cent of its gross national output on its military. It is boosting its special forces to 100,000, and increasing its weapons of mass destruction. North Korea has 1.5m troops, with 5m reserves. It is investing in Scud missiles, fiber-optic communications, long range artillery, small submarines, air cushion landing craft, and a network of 11,000 caves and tunnels designed to protect its military and equipment. Currently, it is preparing to test its long range Taepo Dong missile.

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UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 27


ABM Treaty Must Meet US National Missile Defense Needs. Defense News. Smith, David, Aug 16, 1999, p 15

The author states that the ABM treaty "is of no strategic value to the United States. However, there is some diplomatic value in attempting to negotiate such changes as are needed to proceed now with National Missile Defense (NMD) against third countries." He suggests that the Clinton administration announce that NMD will be deployed beginning in the summer of 2001, and negotiate with Russia for changes in the treaty, reserving the option of withdrawing from the treaty. The author suggests that negotiations secure the right to deploy 300-400 ground based interceptors in Alaska, North Dakota, and Maine, and to deploy the sensor system necessary to detect threats. He also calls for research, development and testing of sea and space based NMD.

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UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 28


Regional Powers Seek Response to Pyongyang; US, Allies Concentrate On Economic Measures. Defense News. Finnegan, Philip, Aug 16, 1999, pp 1,19

The US, South Korea, and Japan are planning economic and diplomatic sanctions on North Korea if it launches another long-range missile. North Korea is expected to launch a Taepo Dong missile with a range of 2,500 kilometers within a month. Sanctions being discussed are a cut-off of remittances from North Korean sympathizers in Japan, cut-off of aid from South Korea, cessation of a planned $1b tourism project, and no further support for development of lightwater nuclear reactors.

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UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 29


Russia Offers Extended Range Missile For Export. Defense News. Saradzhyan, Simon; Barrie, Douglas, Aug 16, 1999, p 8

The Russian missile manufacturer Novator is developing an export version of an ultra long range air to air missile designed to kill high value targets, such as airborne early warning and command system aircraft and air to air tankers. The new missile is a derivative of the KS-173, and the export version is expected to have a range of 300 kilometers.

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UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 30


Hill Clears Path For THAAD To Advance. Defense Week. Donnelly, John, Aug 09, 1999, p 1, 13

A House-Senate defense authorization conference committee last week authorized SecDef Cohen to advance THAAD, the nation's top missile defense system, into its next stage of development. The legislation enables the Pentagon to sign a new contract with Lockheed Martin for the next phase of the $15.4b THAAD program.

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UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 31


Authorization Conferees Add &8.3 Billion To President's Request. Defense Week, Aug 09, 1999, pp 1, 14-15

This article highlights the work of the House-Senate defense authorization conference for FY00. The $288.8b bill is $8.3b more than President Clinton requested. The Republican Congress gave missile defense a major boost.

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UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 32


Pentagon Leaning Toward Early Decision For THAAD Upper-Tier Lead. Inside Missile Defense. Skibitski, Peter J., Aug 11, 1999, pp 6-7

The Defense Department is determining the feasibility of accelerating both THAAD and the Navy Theater Wide system and is examining what effect the selection of THAAD as the "lead" upper-tier missile defense program would have on the Navy's Theater Wide.

Descriptors, Keywords: DoD lead upper-tier missile defense Navy Army THAAD NTW acceleration

UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 33


Lawmaker Wants THAAD, NTW Tested Against Taepo Dong-Like Targets. Inside Missile Defense. Sirak, Michael C., Aug 11, 1999, pp 1, 14-15

Rep David Vitter (R-LA) introduced legislation that would require BMDO to conduct tests of THAAD and Navy Theater Wide systems against targets representative of the North Korean missile that flew over Japan last year. Vitter said, "The main point of the bill is just this common sense notion that as we develop these two theater systems, we need to test them against the threat that we know is out there."

Descriptors, Keywords: Vitter legislation Navy Army THAAD NTW Taepo Dong target missile test

UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 34


Second Intercept Moving DoD, Congress To Speed THAAD's Development. Inside Missile Defense. Sirak, Michael C. and Dupont, Daniel G., Aug 11, 1999, pp 4-6

Because of two successful intercepts by the THAAD system, House and Senate conferees included a provision in their FY00 defense authorization bill authorizing THAAD's entry into engineering and manufacturing development (EMD).

Descriptors, Keywords: House Senate conference FY00 defense authorization THAAD EMD

UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 35


NMD Integrated Ground Test-4 Continues Through End Of Month. Inside Missile Defense. Sirak, Michael C., Aug 11, 1999, p 17

The fourth in a series of ground tests designed to support risk reduction activities for the NMD system is currently underway and will continue until the end of the month according to a statement provided by the NMD JPO.

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UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 36


Army Seeks Contractor For NMD Architectural, Engineering Support. Inside Missile Defense. Sirak, Michael C., Aug 11, 1999, pp 17-18

As part of the effort to keep the timetable for deployment of the NMD system on track, the Army Corps of Engineers is seeking to secure a contractor to provide architectural and engineering support in case the decision is made next summer to deploy the NMD system in Alaska.

Descriptors, Keywords: NMD deployment Alaska Army Engineers architectural engineering

UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 37


Costello: National Missile Defense Spending May Be Cut $500 Million. Inside Missile Defense. Winograd, Erin Q., Aug 11, 1999, pp 20-21

The budget for the NMD program may be cut by a total of $500m over the next six years "to mitigate shortfalls in other BMDO programs," according to LTG John Costello. BMDO budget gaps are well known, springing from numerous delays and cost overruns for programs such as THAAD and Patriot PAC-3 theater missile defense systems.

Descriptors, Keywords: Costello NMD budget cuts FY01-05 shortfalls TMD

UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 38


GOP-Backed Legislation Seeks To End US Compliance With ABM Pact. Inside Missile Defense. Sirak, Michael C., Aug 11, 1999, pp 28-29

A new bill known as the Freedom from Mutually Assured Destruction Act of 1999 was introduced by David McIntosh (R-IN), an ardent missile defense proponent, that would bar all funds made available to the US government or armed forces from being used in any way for compliance activities associated with the AMB Treaty or an agreement signed two years ago to recognize new parties to the pact.

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UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 39


DoD: Decision On Early Warning Help For Taiwan Expected By Mid-2000. Inside Missile Defense. Sirak, Michael C., Aug 11, 1999, pp 1, 35-36

The US wants to make a final decision by the middle of next year on what type of support to provide Taiwan to bolster its early warning capabilities in the face of a growing Chinese missile threat.

Descriptors, Keywords: Taiwan early warning China missile threat radar

UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 40


Raytheon Says THAAD Radar Performed 'Flawlessly' In Flight Test 11. Inside Missile Defense. Sirak, Michael C., Aug 11, 1999, pp 7-8

Raytheon officials asserted that the radar for the Army's THAAD system performed its tracking and discrimination tasks perfectly during a "challenging" test of the system on August 2.

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UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 41


Scorpius Family Of Launch Vehicles May Provide BMDO Affordable TMD, NMD Targets. Inside Missile Defense. Sirak, Michael C., Aug 11, 1999, pp 1, 24-25

A new family of expendable space launch vehicles being developed in order to provide the commercial space launch sector significant savings also holds the promise of serving the BMDO as a source of low-cost target vehicles for TMD and NMD testing. The Scorpius program is a scaleable and evolveable family of low-cost liquid fuel, suborbital and orbital expendable launch vehicles being developed by Microcosm.

Descriptors, Keywords: Scorpius launch vehicle TMD NMD target

UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 42


Excerpts Of BMD Language From FY00 DoD Authorization Conference Report. Inside Missile Defense, Aug 11, 1999, pp 9-14

The following is language from the FY00 defense authorization conference report dealing with ballistic missile defense programs. House and Senate authorization conferees completed their work late last week.

Descriptors, Keywords: FY00 defense authorization conference report language missile

UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 43


Citing Secret Study, DoD Official Says Navy NMD Role Unlikely By 2005. Inside Missile Defense. Costa, Keith J., Aug 11, 1999, pp 18-19

If the Clinton administration approves deployment of a land-based NMD system next year, it is unlikely that the Navy Theater Wide program will have a significant role to play in the effort by 2005, the target date for NMD deployment according to a Pentagon official.

Descriptors, Keywords: NMD deployment Navy Theater Wide role study

UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 44


Sandia Lab Defends Supercomputer Sale To Chinese National. Inside the Pentagon. Costa, Keith J., Aug 12, 1999, pp 3-4

While officials at Sandia National Lab are downplaying the seriousness of last year's supercomputer sale to the Chinese, Rep Curt Weldon (R-PA) persists in questioning whether nuclear secrets were at one time stored in the computer and whether foreign scientists could reverse-engineer the device. Weldon continues to call for the resignation of DoE Secretary Bill Richardson.

Descriptors, Keywords: Sandia supercomputer technology transfer China Weldon

UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 45


Conferees Want National Security And Space Management Commission. Inside the Pentagon. Costa, Keith J., Aug 12, 1999, pp 13-14

Lawmakers have included a provision in the FY00 defense authorization bill that would establish a commission to recommend changes in the way the Pentagon exploits space assets and consider the possibility of creating a new, independent military space service. Called the "Commission to Assess US National Security Space Management & Organization," the panel will be made up of 13 national security and space policy experts.

Descriptors, Keywords: space policy commission defense authorization FY00

UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 46


Report: DoE Closer To Counterintelligence Goals Than Once Thought. Inside the Pentagon. Costa, Keith J., Aug 12, 1999, pp 4-5

A recent DoE Inspector General report concludes that efforts to revamp the agency's counterintelligence program are moving along faster than expected. Twenty-six out of a commission's 46 recommendations have been implemented. Recommendations are detailed in the article.

Descriptors, Keywords: DoE counterintelligence

UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 47


Citing Cost Growth, Authorizers Give PAC-3 Missile A Huge Boost. Inside the Pentagon. Dupont, Daniel G., Aug 12, 1999, p 6

House and Senate defense authorization conferees have awarded the Army an additional $212m for PAC-3 just to ensure the program stays on track. Next PAC-3 test is set for Aug 17.

Descriptors, Keywords: PAC-3 funding

UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 48


Briefing; Chinese Nuclear Forces: A Consistent Policy. Jane's Defence Weekly. Lennox, Duncan, Aug 11, 1999, pp 20-23

Article concludes that an examination of Chinese nuclear forces shows that is not possible to estimate future Chinese nuclear force strengths. However, there does not appear to be any significant changes taking place with regard to the total numbers in the forces' inventory. It must be stressed, however, that the figures suggested in the article are not confirmed. There has been considerable overlap between military and civil programs in China, via cooperative dual use technologies, and it is highly possible this will continue. It must be expected that China will develop space launch vehicles from the solid propellant Dong Feng-31 and Dong Feng-41 missile programs. The stated aim of the Chinese space program is to launch a manned spacecraft into orbit by 2003, and to have a manned space station by 2020 or 2025. Such ambitions are expected to include military surveillance satellites to monitor developments in neighboring countries as well as providing up-to-date targeting information for their missiles.

Descriptors, Keywords: CSS-4 Color Image PRC Ballistic Missile Chart Long March Versions Chart China Nuclear Forces Inventory CSS-4 ICBM Range History

UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 49


THEL Funding Boost. Jane's Defence Weekly. Seigle, Greg, Aug 11, 1999, p 5

The USA and Israel have agreed to inject $50m into the Tactical High Energy Laser (THEL) system, virtually ensuring that the program will be ready to begin testing early next year. The program was in doubt earlier this year when TRW, the company designing the system, threatened to pull out because of cost overruns. TRW was obliged to absorb half of these overruns.

Descriptors, Keywords: THEL Tactical High Energy Laser Israel Funding

UPDATE: Aug 13, 1999, No. 50