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Merrill Lynch: China's Moves Will Have Little Immediate Effect. Aerospace Daily, Jun 09, 1999, p 372

China's military modernization efforts will not cause major change in US spending plans, according to Merrill Lynch aerospace analyst Byron Callan, but he says some areas, such as ballistic missile defense, intelligence and surveillance and naval ship programs, could benefit over the next 5-10 years.

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Navy Missiles 'Essential' To Early Campaign, Fleet Commander Says. Aerospace Daily, Jun 11, 1999, p 387

US naval forces have expended more than 200 Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles (TLAMS) and provided up to 20% of the precision guided munitions used in the NATO air campaign over Yugoslavia, according to VADM Daniel J. Murphy, commander of participating US and NATO naval forces.

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UPDATE: Jun 11, 1999, No. 02


Predators Use Laser Designators To Mark Targets. Aerospace Daily, Jun 11, 1999, pp 387-388

Four RQ-1A Predator UAV's tasked with surveillance of Kosovo have been fitted with laser designators to mark targets for strike aircraft. The laser designators were mounted in a turret on the underbelly of the Predator air vehicles and sent to Europe as part of a quick response program.

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UPDATE: Jun 11, 1999, No. 03


THAAD Missile Intercepts Target Over White Sands. Aerospace Daily, Jun 11, 1999, pp 381, 384

The THAAD missile broke its string of six failures on June 10, intercepting a target missile for the first time during a test at White Sands Missile Range, NM, and helping to validate the hit-to-kill idea that is the backbone of the Pentagon's BMD programs. Hit-to-kill issues are discussed in the article, with quotes from DoD and Lockheed Martin program officials.

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UPDATE: Jun 11, 1999, No. 04


Washington Outlook: Testing, Testing. Aviation Week & Space Technologies. Asker, James R., Jun 07, 1999, p 23

Defense officials say China is preparing to test a new SLBM this year. The Julang-2 (JL-2) is a sea-going version of the 4,800 mi. range, three-stage DF-31 scheduled to become operational in 2002. Press reports from Beijing have Chinese officials claiming the sub-launched missile will carry either one 2.5-megaton or three 90-kiloton warheads, and be operational in 2000. U.S. intel types believe the Chinese do not have small enough warheads to put three on the JL-2. However, they contend that China has the technology to develop and deploy multiple warheads for larger, silo-based missiles.

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UPDATE: Jun 11, 1999, No. 05


Senate Defeats McCain Attempt To Cut Pork From Defense Bill. Defense Daily. Foote, Sheila, Jun 09, 1999, pp 1-2

By a vote of 81-16, the Senate soundly defeated an attempt by Sen John McCain (R-AZ) to strike $3.1b that McCain called "unnecessary, unrequested, low priority and wasteful spending" from the $264.7b FY00 Defense Appropriations Bill. McCain said the bill contains more than $5b in pork.

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UPDATE: Jun 11, 1999, No. 06


Breaking A Long Losing Streak, THAAD Scores A Hit. Defense Daily. Keeter, Hunter, Jun 11, 1999, p 1

On June 10, in its seventh attempt, the Army's Lockheed Martin THAAD system made a successful intercept. Apparently the Hera target missile was "obliterated" by THAAD's kill vehicle.

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UPDATE: Jun 11, 1999, No. 07


Senate Passes @264.7 Billion FY00 Defense Spending Bill. Defense Daily. Foote, Sheila, Jun 10, 1999, pp 1-2

On June 8, the Senate passed with a vote of 93-4, the $264.7b FY00 Defense Authorization Bill.

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UPDATE: Jun 11, 1999, No. 08


BMDO Wants To Take $300 Million From NMD For TMD Overruns. Defense Daily. Wolfe, Frank, Jun 11, 1999, p 6

BMDO has presented Pentagon officials with a request to take $300m from planned NMD funding between FY01 and FY03 to fund cost increases on some TMD programs, including PAC-3, THAAD, and Navy Theater Wide.

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UPDATE: Jun 11, 1999, No. 09


Information Battlespace: Kosovo Points Way To Future Combat Arena. Defense News. Church, William, Jun 14, 1999, p 42

During the recent NATO action against Serbia, NATO used many weapons, such as graphite bombs and other non-lethal weapons, and a psychological campaign. These approaches can be characterized as information operations (IO) or information warfare. The author of this article calls for discussion on the use of IO or information warfare against civilian populations, and calls for the development of an IO treaty.

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UPDATE: Jun 11, 1999, No. 10


Canada's Missile Defense Choice to Reverberate in US. Defense News. Pugliese, David, Jun 14, 1999, p 54

Canada must decide whether or not to participate in a national ballistic missile defense system proposed by the United States. The Canadian decision will have profound implications for the future of NORAD and future Canada-US relationships. The decision is controversial within Canada. There is concern that non-participation would lead to worsened relations. Some in Canada argue that Canada is not likely to be the target of missile attacks, and participation would have the effect of making Canada a much more likely target.

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UPDATE: Jun 11, 1999, No. 11


House, Senate Disagree On Merits Of Patriot Anti-Cruise Missile Concept. Inside Missile Defense. Sirak, Michael C., Jun 02, 1999, pp 2-3

While Senate authorizers have awarded $60m to the Patriot Anti-Cruise Missile (PACM) concept in FY00, House authorizers believe the idea is still unproven. Future funding, House lawmakers maintain, is contingent upon the results of a thorough evaluation of the concept that will be based on an upcoming series of flight tests.

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UPDATE: Jun 11, 1999, No. 12


BMDO Official Calls For 'Innovative' Approach To Technology Research. Inside Missile Defense. Sirak, Michael C., Jun 02, 1999, pp 6-8

There is an urgent requirement for more technology development funding within BMDO, according to Charles Infosino, director for R&E in the technology deputate. Infosino is also recommending major procedural changes that can help generate innovative concepts and solutions in critical technology areas.

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UPDATE: Jun 11, 1999, No. 13


Lyles Cites Better Communications, Focus On Technology As High Points. Inside Missile Defense. Sirak, Michael C., Jun 02, 1999, pp 16-17

Outgoing BMDO Director LtGen Lester Lyles believes his greatest contributions to the agency during his nearly three-year tenure were reversing the downward spiral of technology funding and creating a more communicative environment between all the parties with a stake in missile defense.

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UPDATE: Jun 11, 1999, No. 14


Questions Loom As Lockheed Team Looks To Move Forward With MEADS. Inside Missile Defense. Sirak, Michael C., Jun 02, 1999, pp 1, 14-15

According to Donald Lionetti, Lockheed Martin executive, new questions have arisen for the winning LM team that need to be resolved quickly in order to move the MEADS program forward. "All we know at this stage is that we have been selected to lead the technology review and risk reduction effort over a three-year period of time that is going to be funded at $260m or $270m."

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UPDATE: Jun 11, 1999, No. 15


LSI Must Allow Competition Prior To X-Band Contract Award, Panel Says. Inside Missile Defense. Sirak, Michael C., Jun 02, 1999, pp 1, 17-18

In its mark-up of the president's defense budget request for fiscal year 2000, HASC called on BMDO to ensure that Boeing, the NMD prime contractor, follows the proper competitive procedures before awarding a contract for the ground-based X-band radars that will be needed for the second-generation NMD architecture.

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UPDATE: Jun 11, 1999, No. 16


Lawmaker Questions Ability Of NMD Technology To Defeat Countermeasures. Inside Missile Defense. Sirak, Michael C., Jun 02, 1999, pp 1, 19-20

Rep Vernon Ehlers (R-MI), the lone Republican House member who voted against the bill that makes it US policy to deploy an effective NMD as soon as technologically possible, says he questions the ability of the current system to be effective against more sophisticated threats.

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UPDATE: Jun 11, 1999, No. 17


GAO: US Cost For Russian Plutonium Storage Facility May Reach $1.3 Billion. Inside the Pentagon. Costa, Keith J., Jun 10, 1999, pp 2-3

A new GAO report concludes that US costs for construction of a nuclear materials storage facility near Russia's Mayak nuclear complex could reach $1.3b. Report, entitled "Weapons of Mass Destruction: Efforts to Reduce Russian Arsenals...," convinced the HASC to cut the budget request for the Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR) program.

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UPDATE: Jun 11, 1999, No. 18


OSD Official Backs Trident Conversion, Warns Of Arms Control Issues. Inside the Pentagon. Duffy, Thomas, Jun 10, 1999, pp 19-20

The Navy may be able to stop further cuts to the force by converting four Trident strategic missile submarines into conventional weapons platforms. But Frank Miller, the Principal Deputy Assistant SecDef for strategy and threat reduction warns that such a move may run up against arms control restrictions in the proposed modification to the START II treaty.

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UPDATE: Jun 11, 1999, No. 19


Mies Calls For Caution On Proposals To Unilaterally Cut Strategic Forces. Inside the Pentagon. Costa, Keith J., Jun 10, 1999, pp 1, 17-19

ADM Richard Mies, CINC US Strategic Command, is calling for caution in examining proposals to unilaterally reduce US strategic forces in the hope that Russia will follow suit. Speaking at a conference sponsored by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), Mies endorsed the Navy's program to backfit Trident submarines to carry the D5 missile, but expressed concern that other arms reduction initiatives could remove Russia's incentive to ratify the START II treaty.

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UPDATE: Jun 11, 1999, No. 20


House Committee To Consider Iran Nonproliferation Bill Next Week. Inside the Pentagon. Costa, Keith J., Jun 10, 1999, p 7

The House International Relations Committee plans to mark-up the Iran Nonproliferation Act of 1999 next week, a bill that could prohibit funding to Russia for International Space Station activities, unless Pres Clinton certifies that Russia is taking steps to prohibit the transfer of sensitive technology to Iran. Article lists main points of bill.

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UPDATE: Jun 11, 1999, No. 21


THAAD, PAC-3 Programs To Get Extra $160 Million For Cost Reduction. Inside the Pentagon. Duffy, Thomas, Jun 10, 1999, p 16

BMDO is adding $160m to the Army's budget for cost-cutting moves in the service's two primary missile defense programs. Money is part of a $770m windfall BMDO got last year when Congress secured $1b in extra missile defense money in the FY99 omnibus appropriations bill.

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UPDATE: Jun 11, 1999, No. 22


McCurdy Says DTRA Director Should Have A Higher Status Within DoD. Inside the Pentagon. Costa, Keith J., Jun 10, 1999, p 20

The director of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency should have a higher status and more influence within the DoD, according to former Rep Dave McCurdy (D-OK), who was speaking at a recent DTRA conference. McCurdy is a member of the Commission to Assess the Organization of the Federal Government to Combat the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

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UPDATE: Jun 11, 1999, No. 23


Despite Losses, Backers Say Unmanned Systems Excelling Over Kosovo. Inside the Pentagon. Dupont, Daniel G., Jun 10, 1999, pp 1, 12-14

US forces have lost at least 15 UAV's -- 7 Hunters, 4 Pioneers, 4 Predators -- to Serb air defenses or accidents since the beginning of Operation Allied Force. But the platforms' successes are proof that combat commanders can and should rely on unmanned surveillance assets for a wide variety of missions.

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UPDATE: Jun 11, 1999, No. 24