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May 7, 1999



Pentagon Sends Asia-Pacific TMD Architecture Options To Congress. Aerospace Daily, May 05, 1999, p 186

Japan, South Korea and Taiwan could be protected from specific TBM threats with a mixture of systems like PAC-3, THAAD and NTW, according to a recent DoD report entitled, "Theater Missile Defense Architecture Options for the Asia-Pacific Region."

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Bistatic Radar Facility Provides Tool For Gauging RCS Stealthiness. Aviation Week & Space Technology. Nordwall, Bruce D., May 03, 1999, pp 68-69

A new bistatic radar system that the USAF will use to evaluate the radar cross sections of low observable air vehicles could lead to an improved operational capability to detect stealthy aircraft and cruise missiles. Georgia Tech Research Institute developed the test system for use at Holloman AFB, NM. The Bistatic Coherent Measurement System should be fully operational early this month. Bicoms will be used at a ground range to provide high resolution radar signature data and to measure radar cross sections of both conventional and low observable air vehicles. The 0.5-in. resolution of Bicoms images will be good enough to identify "hot spots" where too much energy is reflected, making a stealthy aircraft visible on radar, according to principal research scientist Ted L. Lane.

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Intelligence To Play A Pivotal Role In NMD, Browne Says. Defense Daily. Keeter, Hunter, May 04, 1999, pp 3-4

VADM Herbert Browne, deputy commander-in-chief of US Space Command, said recently that the intelligence community's assessment of future missile threats will play a key role in the success of the NMD program.

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Kosovo Impacts Major Missile Defense Exercise. Defense Daily. Atkinson, David, May 07, 1999, p 3

LTG John Costello, SMDC, expects the Kosovo operation to seriously impact Roving Sands '99, the largest annual joint theater missile defense exercise. Because the Air Force has provided the bulk of the forces deployed for combat in Kosovo, it has had to scale back maintenance and training efforts in the US.

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National Guard To Operate Large Portion Of NMD System. Defense Daily. Atkinson, David, May 07, 1999, pp 2-3

According to LTG John Costello, SMDC, the Army, which will control the single ground-based NMD system currently under development, will operate the site with about 455 personnel, most of which will be members of the Army National Guard.

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THAAD Failure Worth $20 Million; As Deadline Approaches, Lockheed Martin Penalty Looms. Defense News. Mulholland, David, May 10, 1999, p 6

Lockheed Martin is preparing for the seventh test of the US Army Theater High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) hit to kill antiballistic missile weapons system. The previous six tests have failed. A seventh failure will result in a $20m loss to Lockheed Martin.

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US Congress: Replenish Inventory of Tomahawks; Lawmakers Express Interest in Restarting Production. Defense News. Holzer, Robert, May 10, 1999, pp 3, 34

Congress is pressing the Pentagon to add up to 1,000 new and remanufactured Tomahawks to inventory. Stores of Tomahawk missiles have been depleted by strikes against Iraq and Yugoslavia. Congress has indicated willingness to allocate funds to support production.

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Kill-Vehicle Leak Has Delayed National Missile Defense Test. Defense Week. Donnelly, John, May 03, 1999, pp 1, 8-9

Due in part to the fact that the interceptor's kill vehicle sprang a fuel leak during a key ground test last fall, the NMD program has been set back two months, from June to August.

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Helms Takes Steps To Establish New State Dept. Arms Control Position. Inside the Pentagon. Duffy, Thomas, May 06, 1999, pp 2-3

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee, chaired by Sen Jesse Helms (R-NC), has taken steps to create a new State Department position that will be responsible for arms control verification and compliance. Sen Helms is concerned that if this oversight role, once carried out by an independent agency, is just handed out to a "special adviser," arms control oversight would suffer. Related article: "Helms Committee Wants More Unclassified Info In Arms Control Report" follows this article.

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US Confident Of Acceptance, But Allies Remain Skeptical Of MEADS Plan. Inside the Pentagon. Dupont, Daniel G., May 06, 1999, pp 1, 18

The US, Germany and Italy are close to agreement on several issues that must be resolved before a single contractor team can be selected for the next phase of the MEADS program. A major concern of the European countries is that the US has not given them enough information on the PAC-3 missile to make informed decisions on whether to proceed with the program. Other concerns are also discussed in the article.

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Lockheed Martin Works Overtime To Hold 11th THAAD Test Before July 10. Inside the Pentagon. Dupont, Daniel G., May 06, 1999, pp 15-16

Next THAAD test -- the 10th overall -- is still set for the last week of May, and program officials are confident it will go off as planned. More problematic is the 11th test, now scheduled for the last week of June. If these two tests are not conducted by July, prime contractor Lockheed Martin risks assuming a $20m penalty.

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GAO Wants DoD To Establish Interim Goals For Cruise Missile Defense. Inside the Pentagon. Dupont, Daniel G., May 06, 1999, p 16

Article summarizes a recent GAO report, "Cruise Missile Defense: Progress Made But Significant Challenges Remain." Report was undertaken at the behest of Rep Curt Weldon (R-PA), chairman of the HASC R&D subcommittee.

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KE ASAT Program Plans Three Kill Vehicles In FY-99; Test Funds Lacking. Inside the Pentagon. Costa, Keith J., May 06, 1999, p 17

The Army's Space & Missile Defense Command (SMDC) is planning to build three new kill vehicles for the controversial Kinetic Energy Anti-Satellite program. New programs will employ the latest technology. Article discusses funding issues.

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UPDATE: May 07, 1999, No. 13


Senate Leaders Announce Membership For National Security Working Group. Inside the Pentagon. Costa, Keith J., May 06, 1999, pp 19-20

Membership in the bipartisan National Security Working Group, a 20-member panel that will oversee negotiations with other nations on arms and export controls, was announced last week. Missile defense negotiations and prevention of proliferation of WMD will be under the group's purview. Senators on the panel will be encouraged to meet with lawmakers from other nations, such as the Russian Duma.

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Navy Theater Wide Gets DAB Approval; Gansler Asks For Block II Definition. Inside the Pentagon. Duffy, Thomas, May 06, 1999, pp 1, 11-13

Following an April 26 Defense Acquisition Board (DAB) review, Jacques Gansler, the Pentagon's top acquisition official, approved continuing the risk-reduction phase of the NTW missile defense program. This sets the stage for the continuing competition between the Navy's and Army's upper tier TMD programs. A copy of the Acquisition Decision Memorandum accompanies this article.

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Senators Call For A National Coordinator For Nonproliferation Efforts. Inside the Pentagon. Costa, Keith J., May 06, 1999, p 8

Sens Pete Domenici (R-NM) and Richard Lugar (R-IN) are calling on the Clinton administration to create an executive level position for nonproliferation matters to oversee US efforts combating the spread of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Such a position was authorized in 1996 under the Defense Against Weapons of Mass Destruction Act, but the administration has yet to create it.

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UPDATE: May 07, 1999, No. 16


DoD Evaluates Missile Defense Options For Japan, South Korea, Taiwan. Inside the Pentagon. Dupont, Daniel G., May 06, 1999, pp 13-14

A recent DoD report analyzes various options for the defense of US allies in the Asia-Pacific regions, looking at systems similar to THAAD, PAC-3, Navy Area and NTW. Article discusses feasibility of each of these options.

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UPDATE: May 07, 1999, No. 17


NMD Supporters And Opponents Square Off On Missile Defense Technology. Inside the Pentagon. Costa, Keith J., May 06, 1999, pp 14-15

Hearings were held this week by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to determine the technological feasibility of NMD. Testifying were NMD supporters William Graham, former director of the Office of Science & Technology Policy and retired Air Force Gen John Piotrowski, former commander-in-chief of the US Space Command; and NMD opponents Richard Garwin of the Council on Foreign Relations and David Wright, research fellow at MIT.

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US Army Homing In On Causes Of THAAD Failures. Jane's Defence Weekly. Seigle, Greg, May 05, 1999, p 10

Brig Gen Daniel Montgomery, the program executive officer of US Army air and missile defense, said he thinks the complex THAAD missile missed its HERA target missile because debris on a plug caused problems so small "you can't see them with a microscope." As a result, a thruster failed, an adaptive chamber went askew and the telemetry did not work. The new indium antimonide seeker worked correctly, as did the powerful radar and other vital components, he said. The THAAD missile missed "just behind and to the right, which is what you would expect when you lose your altitude control system of thruster number four," he said. The next scheduled test firing of THAAD is later this month, with two more test planned for June.

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Any Country Can Have An ICBM By 2015, Says CIA. Jane's Defence Weekly. Bender, Bryan, May 05, 1999, p 8

National intelligence officer for strategic and nuclear programs at the CIA Robert Walpole said he was doing the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), and it concluded that "any country...can have an ICBM by the year 2015." That conclusion was based on CIA analysis that a nation currently possessing medium range Scud technology, given enough foreign assistance, could build an ICBM in five years. This assessment differs sharply with the CIA's 1995 NIE.

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