November 30, 1999


                               THE WHITE HOUSE

                        Office of the Press Secretary
          (Aboard Air Force One en route San Francisco, California)
  For Immediate Release                     November 30, 1999

                         STATEMENT BY THE PRESIDENT

     I have signed into law H.R. 3194, the Consolidated Appropriations Act
  for FY 2000.  I am pleased that my Administration and the Congress were
  able to reach agreement on the first budget of the 21st Century --
  producing a hard-won victory for the American people.


  Labor/Health and Human Services/Education Bill


     The bill includes $264 million to expand HHS' bioterrorism initiative.
  It provides $52 million for the Centers for Disease Control and
  Prevention's (CDC) national pharmaceutical stock- pile and $123 million
  for CDC to expand national, State, and local epidemiologic, laboratory,
  and surveillance planning capacity, as well as to conduct a vaccine
  study.  The bill also fully funds my request to expand the number of
  Metropolitan Medical Response Systems that can respond to the health and
  medical consequences of a chemical, biological, or nuclear incident, and
  to enhance smallpox and anthrax vaccine research and development.  I am
  particularly pleased that the bill funds the creation of a new national
  electronic disease surveillance system, which will also help detect
  outbreaks and strengthen the public health delivery system.


  Authorization Bills/Other Issues


     Unfortunately, the Congress did not fund my additional request to
  protect the Nation's critical computer and information based
  infrastructures from a growing threat of cyber attack from hostile
  nations, terrorists, or criminals.

                                   WILLIAM J. CLINTON

      November 29, 1999.

                                  # # #