Tactical High Energy Laser program is alive and well

The Tactical High Energy Laser, or THEL, program, a joint program between the United States and Israel, had run into difficulties because of contract schedule delays and cost overruns. On May 27, TRW and the Army reached an agreement, in principle, to continue the contract by modifying it. The agreement was worked out by Joanne Maguire, Vice President and General Manager of TRW’s Space & Laser Programs Division, and Brig. Gen. Steven Flohr, Deputy Commander of the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command.

Under the contract modification, the Government and TRW will share 50/50 in contract costs exceeding $130.8 million until TRW has successfully shot down a Katyusha rocket with a THEL. At that point, the Government will assume 75 percent of any additional costs incurred in accomplishing the principal remaining requirements of the contract. TRW will fund the other 25 percent. Following the first shootdown, either party may elect not to participate further in funding the contract.

As consideration for the Army agreeing to revise the sharing terms of the contract, which obligated TRW to fund all costs incurred over $130.8 million, TRW agreed to meet additional contract requirements.

Details of the agreement will be defined and incorporated into a contract modification by the end of this week (June 4, 1999).

For further information, please call Mike Biddle at 703-607-2039 or Gerda Sherrill at 256-955-3888.