This dog won't hunt!!!

The Army's Theater High Altitude Area Defense [THAAD] interceptor marked another milestone in a test series thus far unblemished by success, when it [as usual] missed a target at the White Sands Missile range in the fourth attempt to actually hit something.

Thus far the test record for high-altitude hit-to-kill [which is the centerpiece technology of most of the contemporary anti-missile systems] is 2 successes in 14 attempts. While most test programs are concerned with large numbers of random failures, the missile defense effort seems rather more plagued by a small number of random successes.

However, as THAAD and related programs have been only tenuously connected to such mundane considerations as whether they work, apart from some ritual keel-hauling of a few hapless program managers, today's test is not anticipated to have a significant impact on THAAD and its kith and kin, which enjoy broad bipartisan and contractor support.

It does, however, highlight the wisdom of the Congressional Republican strategy of "buy before you fly" since achieving commitment to deployment of untested systems provides greater security to programs and contractors worried about random success in testing programs.

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