THAAD Test Scrubbed Due to Weather
28 Feb 1997
US Army Program Executive Office Air and Missile Defense Public Affairs Office
Huntsville AL [ 205-842-0558 - Ms Trousdale]

The planned seventh flight test of the Theater High Altitude Area Defense [THAAD] high altitude intercept mission was delayed today due to high winds at White Sands Missile Range, NM. The wind velocities exceeded the safety constraints required to contain the intercept debris within the approved range boundries. While all elements of the THAAD system and White Sands Missile Range support were ready to conduct the mission, the new flight date will be set at a later date based on weather predictions.

The program is managed by the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization and executed by the Army Program Executive Office Air and Missile Defense and the Army THAAD Project Manager in Huntsville Ala.

Lockheed/Martin is the prime contractor. The THAAD radar is built by Raytheon. Coleman Research Corporation and Aerotherm Corporation are the HERA target contractors. The HERA target is managed by the Army Space and Strategic Defense Command in Huntsville.