DOD News Release Reference Number: No. 112-97 March 11, 1997

The Joint- U.S. /Israel Arrow Ballistic Missile Defense System conducted a successful intercept of a target ballistic missile today in Israel. This was the fourth test of the Arrow- 2 missile and the second successful intercept attempt. The first two tests were not intercept attempts.

The U.S. and Israeli engineering teams are very satisfied with the test results and are confident they represent significant forward progress in the program.

The Arrow program is a joint U.S./Israeli effort to develop an interceptor missile for the State of Israel. The information gained from the program has potential application for U.S. theater missile defense programs such as the Patriot Advanced Capability-3, the Theater High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), and the Navy Area and Theater-wide- systems.

Arrow is funded by the United States and Israel. Israel Aircraft Industries is the prime contractor. U.S. participation is directed by the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization within the Department of Defense. The U.S. Army Program Executive Office Air and Missile Defense manages the U.S. effort. For further information on the Arrow, contact the Public Affairs Office, Army PEO Air and Missile Defense, 205-842-0561.