Hard.Copy - 12 December 1997


BMDO Considers Options For THAAD UOES Plan.
Aerospace Daily, Dec 08, 1997, pp 361-362
If the THAAD missile fails to intercept a target in the next flight test
some changes may be made to the plan to move a User Operational
Evaluation System (UOES) to soldiers in the field, according to BMDO.
Although the missile has failed to intercept a target, BMDO Director
LtGen Lyles said all the other components are performing well. 

Military Leaders See Directed Energy As Weapon Of Future. 
Aerospace Daily, Dec 10, 1997, p 379
Several senior military leaders believe directed energy will be the
weapon technology of the future. LtGen Lyles said he sees directed
energy weapons in some cases replacing kinetic kill technology. 

PAC-3 Test Delayed Until Next Week. 
Aerospace Daily, Dec 10, 1997, p 379
Poor weather delayed the PAC-3 test at White Sands Missile Range. 

US-Russia TMD Information-Sharing Faces Uncertain Future. 
Aerospace Daily, Dec 10, 1997, p 380
If an FY98 State Department authorization compromise for
information-sharing between the US and Russia on ballistic missile
defense related projects is not enacted, the whole thing may go down the

Wargame Shows Impact Of Air/Space Action. 
Aviation Week & Space Technology, 
William B. Scott, Dec 08, 1997, pp 26-27
The USAF's recent "Global Engagement '97" wargame underscored how
dependent on space assets today's shrinking combat forces have become.
Two Space Based Lasers were quite effective, particularly when
integrated with other USAF, Navy and Army ballistic missile defense
systems. Col C. Parks Schaefer, the USAF air staff director for the
wargame, had firsthand experience with the SBLs' impact. "I was one of
the 'red' team leaders, and [SBL] gave me a real problem," he said. "I
had to have my space campaign taken care of before SBL got into orbit
because, if I didn't , I wasn't going to have a space campaign. SBL has
some awesome capabilities." Schaefer hastened to add, however, that
"there's a lot of concern about whether, in the [2012] period of the
game, we could have a functional SBL in orbit - and that doesn't even
speak to the treaty implications." 

Cohen Puts Final Touches On 1998 Budget Request. 
Defense Daily, Bryan Bender, Dec 11, 1997, p 3
SecDef William Cohen put the final touches on the Pentagon's FY99 budget
request during a meeting with top civilian and military budget
officials. The budget request will go to the White House later this
month to be reviewed by the Office of Management and Budget before
President Clinton submits it to Congress early next year as part of his
FY99 federal budget request. 

Navy Successfully Test Fires SLAM-ER Cruise Missile. 
Defense Daily, Bryan Bender, Dec 11, 1997, p 4
The Navy successfully test fired the Stand-Off Land Attack
Missile-Expanded Response (SLAM-ER) cruise missile yesterday. The flight
demonstrated the SLAM-ER's long-range, low-altitude flight capability
and long-range data link control according to a Navy statement. 

Panel Endorses DoD Approach To National Missile Defense. 
Defense Daily, Dec 10, 1997, pp 4-5
This article discusses the NDP's endorsement of the administration's
approach to national missile defense saying the threat of a limited
missile attack is 10-15 years off. 

OSD Acquisition Office Says US Cannot Commit To MEADS. 
Inside Missile Defense, Daniel Dupont, John Liang, Dec 03, 1997, pp 1, 8
The US commitment to MEADS may come to an end after the project
definition validation phase because the Pentagon's acquisitions office
has decided it cannot commit funding beyond 1999. 

After Clinton Used Line-Item Veto: House Lawmakers Push To Restore Funds
For BMDO's Clementine 2 Effort. 
Inside Missile Defense, John Liang, Dec 03, 1997, p 2
House lawmakers are continuing their fight to restore funding for the
BMDO sponsored space program, including the Clementine 2 asteroid
intercept effort. 

TRW's BMC3 Put Through Its Paces: BMDO Uses NMD Battle Management System
In A War Game For First Time. 
Inside Missile Defense, John Liang, Dec 03, 1997, pp 3-4
BMDO used for the first time in a war game the battle management,
command, control and communications system intended to be the brains of
the NMD system. Reaction to the system is positive although areas have
been identified as needing improvement. 

BMDO's BMC4 To Be Joint Technical Architecture Compliant By 1999. 
Inside Missile Defense, John Liang, Dec 03, 1997, p 4
The first increment of BMDO's national missile defense command and
control system is expected to be fully compliant with and integrated
into the DoD's overarching computer architecture by the end of FY99. 

NMD, Cruise Missile Defense C2 Should Be Combined: NDP Back '3 Plus 3'
National Missile Defense As Part Of 'Homeland' Defense Idea. 
Inside Missile Defense, Thomas Duffy, Dec 03, 1997, pp 1, 14-16
The NDP suggests the Pentagon should integrate ballistic missile defense
and cruise missile defense command and control architectures and
accelerate the service's currently planned theater missile defense
efforts. The NDP agrees with the administration's plan to develop a
system and then decide when and whether or not to deploy it. Included
with this article is the NDP's 'Homeland Defense' Recommendations. 

Response To Harkin's Concerns Over MIRACL Test: Clinton Letter: Threats
Don't Justify Developing Anti-Satellite Weapons. 
Inside Missile Defense, Daniel G. Dupont, Dec 03, 1997, p 1, 17
The president has informed a congressional opponent of anti-satellite
weapons he believes there is no near-term threat that justifies the
development of an ASAT system. 

HERAs To Be Fired From Aircraft: BMDO Decides Against Ground Launches Of
Target Missiles In Florida Keys. 
Inside Missile Defense. John Liang, Dec 03, 1997, pp 1, 18-19
BMDO has decided not to test the HERA target missiles for theater
missile defense near the Florida Keys. Included with this article is Lt
Gen Lyles' Letter on Florida Test Sites.