Hard.Copy - 07 November 1997


Taiwan Missile Defense.
Aerospace Daily, Nov 03, 1997, p 177
The House is expected to take up a series of bills dealing with US China
relations, including one measure that would call for the US to help
Taiwan to develop a ballistic missile defense system. 

USAF To Start Upgrading Joint STARS For Cruise Missile Defense.
Aerospace Daily, Oct 30, 1997, p 165
The USAF has been instructed by House and Senate defense authorization
conferees to start upgrading Joint STARS for a cruise missile defense

Lyles Disowns BMDO Numbers In Weldon Bill. 
Aerospace Daily, Nov 06, 1997, pp 201, 203A
BMDO Director LtGen Lyles yesterday disowned the $325m theater missile
defense increase that Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA) initiated to deal with an
Iranian missile threat. 

OSD Approves US Air Force's EELV Plan.
Aerospace Daily, Nov 06, 1997, p 202
The USAF plan to restructure the EELV program by awarding engineering
and manufacturing development contracts to both Boeing Co. and Lockheed
Martin Corp. has been approved by the OSD. 

Deployment Of New Russian ICBM Slips To Next Year. 
Aerospace Daily, Nov 05, 1997, p 194
Russia has been forced to push the fielding of its SS-X-27 ICBM back to
the middle of next year because of a lack in funds. The system tested
successfully although the actual deployment date has slipped back two

DARPA Prepares To Launch Mach 6+ Cruise Missile Effort.
Aerospace Daily, Nov 05, 1997, p 198
DARPA is about to release a draft solicitation to develop a Mach 6+
cruise missile that could be launched from aircraft and ships. 

CBO Sees Future Need For $77 billion A Year In DOD Procurement.
Aerospace Daily, Nov 05, 1997, pp 193, 196
Annual procurement spending in the 2004-2015 period will have to grow to
$77 billion to buy all the systems the DoD wants, according to the CBO. 

USAF Moves To Buy EELV Launch Services. 
Aerospace Daily, Nov 07, 1997, pp 211B-212
The USAF is revising its EELV acquisition plan from buying rockets to
buying launch services from Boeing and Lockheed Martin. 

Alpha LAMP Demonstrates Laser Beam Compensation. 
Aviation Week & Space Technology. 
Michael A. Dornheim, Nov 03, 1997, p 29
The Alpha high-power laser recently conducted tests with associated
optics, demonstrating for the first time simultaneous operation of an
anti-jitter mirror with a wavefront-cleanup deformable mirror. Officials
say initial data are promising, although the final test ended
prematurely. The hydrogen fluoride powered chemical laser is operated at
TRW's Capistrano Test Site near San Clemente, CA., with BMDO funds. 

USAF Nuclear Detectives Assume New Roles. 
Aviation Week & Space Technology. 
William B. Scott, Nov 03, 1997, pp 50-53
The USAF Technical Applications Center (AFTAC), a formerly classified
unit that detected nuclear explosions, then collected and analyzed
radioactive debris from foreign weapon tests throughout the Cold War, is
assuming a critical international monitoring role under the new
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. The AFTAC will operate an extensive
network of monitoring sites that can sense underground, underwater,
surface, atmospheric or in-space nuclear detonations. Much of the data
will be shared with other countries under treaty provisions. 

Weldon: The Missile Threat Is Here, Now. 
BMD Monitor, Oct 31, 1997, pp 360-361
Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA) recently introduced the Iran Missile Protection
Act of 1997, IMPACT 97, to setup a program to expand TMD capabilities. 

Conference National Defense Authorization FY98 Briefs. 
BMD Monitor, Oct 31, 1997, pp 356-358
This article includes brief sketches of items of interest to the missile
defense community from the FY98 National Defense Authorization Bill. 

Conference Committee Marks $3.7 Billion For BMDO. 
BMD Monitor, Oct 31, 1997, pp 355-356
The House-Senate Conference Report for the National Defense
Authorization Act for FY98 authorizes $3.7b for BMDO. 

SBL Authorized To Aim Toward Demo. 
BMD Monitor, Oct 31, 1997, p 359
The FY98 conference committee added $98m for the Space Based Laser
program for a package totaling $126.9m. The congressional defense
committees want a report on SBL-RD baseline and other issues by March 1,

JNTF Hosts NMD Battle Management Sim. 
BMD Monitor, Oct 31, 1997, pp 353-354
The NMD battle management developmental model was used for the first
time in a Command and Control Simulation (C2 Sim) held Oct. 20-23, 1997,
at the Joint National Test Facility. 

National Defense Authorizations FY98 Required Reports. 
BMD Monitor, Oct 31, 1997, pp 358-359
The FY98 National Defense Authorization requires several reports on such
issues as threats to the US, military exercises, intelligence
coordination, Global Positioning System, the future military
capabilities of China, the Helsinki Joint Statement and the detargeting
of Russian strategic missiles. 

What's "New"?. 
Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists. 
William M. Arkin, Nov 01, 1997, pp 22-27
Arkin argues that despite pledges against new nuclear weapons by
President Clinton and the DoD, a wide variety of new nuclear weapons are
under development. A partially declassified version of the "Green Book,"
officially called the "Stockpile Stewardship and Management Plan" from
the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) outlines many of the

Peacekeeper ICBM Successfully Tested. 
Defense Daily, Nov 07, 1997, p 7
A Peacekeeper Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) was successfully
tested on 11/5/97. 

Lyles Says Test Successes Must Precede Extra TMD Funds. 
Defense Daily. Sheila Foote, Nov 06, 1997, pp 6-7
In testimony yesterday, BMDO director Lyles stated that until theater
missile defense systems have successful test, he cannot support a
congressional move to add funds to accelerate the programs to counter an
emerging threat from Iran. 

'Horse-Trading' Expected At Upcoming NATO Joint STARS Meeting. 
Defense Daily. Vago Muradian, Nov 03, 1997, pp 6-8
Serious negotiation is expected at an 11/6/97 meeting during which a
decision is expected to be made as to whether NATO should adopt the
Northrop Grumman's Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System
aircraft or postpone the adoption decision. 

Senate Passes FY98 Defense Authorization Bill. 
Defense Daily. Sheila Foote, Nov 07, 1997, p 1
The Senate yesterday passed the FY98 Defense Authorization Bill
authorizing $268.2b in defense spending. 

US, Israel Agree To Long-Term Military Aid Package. 
Defense Daily. Bryan Bender, Nov 05, 1997, p 2
SecDef Cohen and Israel's Defense Minister Mordechai have agreed to a
long-term aid program in which the US will help finance missile defenses
and other military equipment. The program will begin in FY99. 

NATO Rejects Joint STARS As Fast AGS Pick, Asks For New Options. 
Defense Daily. Vago Muradian, Nov 07, 1997, pp 1-3
NATO military directors rejected on cost a US proposal that the Joint
STARS aircraft be quickly adopted to meet NATO's surveillance needs.
NATO has asked for new options to meet key requirements. 

Navy Uses Joint STARS To Track Littoral Targets In Korean Exercise.
Defense Daily. Frank Wolfe, Nov 03, 1997, pp 3-4
The US Navy used a Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System
(Joint STARS) aircraft to monitor ships and land targets in a combined
training exercise in South Korea on Saturday. 

Army Conducts Successful Flight Test Of New Target. 
Defense Daily, Nov 07, 1997, p 8
The Army Space and Missile Defense Command (SMDC) recently conducted a
successful flight test of the Storm II, a new single-stage theater
ballistic missile target vehicle. 

US Navy Uses Incentives To Speed Missile Project. 
Defense News. Robert Holzer, Nov 03, 1997, p 12
The US Navy is using an innovative contracting scheme to speed
development of the sea-based Area Wide missile defense system. 

Bill May Add $320 Million To US Missile Defense Efforts. 
Defense News. Jeff Erlich, Nov 03, 1997, p 6
US missile defense programs could get a $320m cash infusion in a bill
Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA) is trying to maneuver through Congress. The
bill, called Iran Missile Protection Act (IMPACT) may go into law, but
the funding is unlikely to come this year. 

USAF Mini-Decoys May Lead Enemy Missiles Astray. 
Defense News. Mark Walsh, Nov 03, 1997, p 14
The USAF is developing miniature air-launched decoys (MALD) that will
hopefully confuse enemy radars and attract antiaircraft missiles,
allowing US fighters to strike ground targets freely. 

Authorizers Want BMDO To Assess Sea-Based National Missile Defense.
Inside Missile Defense. Thomas Duffy, Nov 05, 1997, p 21
In their FY98 report, House and Senate defense authorizers have shown
their strong support for the Navy's missile defense programs by adding
$187m to the service's budget for the Area and Theater-Wide programs. 

Weldon Bill Gives $325 Million More To Missile Defense To Counter Iran.
Inside Missile Defense. Thomas Duffy, Nov 05, 1997, pp 15-18
Curt Weldon (R-PA) last week introduced an emergency supplemental
appropriations bill that would pump an additional $325m into the DoD's
missile defense programs in FY98 in an attempt to more quickly counter
the Iranian threat. 

Authorizers Approve $98 Million Increase For Space Based Laser Effort.
Inside Missile Defense. John Liang, Nov 05, 1997, pp 3-4
Expressing their support for the Air Force's recent assumption of
authority over BMDO's Space Based Laser Readiness Demonstrator program,
congressional authorizers approved $126.9m for the program last month. 

JROC Expected To Back Further Study Of Navy's CEC As Joint Missile
Defense Link. 
Inside Missile Defense. Thomas Duffy, Nov 05, 1997, pp 1, 32-33
The Joint Requirements Oversight Council is weighing the final
recommendations of a joint sensor-to-shooter study that suggests
analyzing further the use of the Navy's Cooperative Engagement
Capability technology on all missile defense fire control systems, and
the council appears ready to endorse those recommendations, according to
a Pentagon official familiar with the study. 

Cohen, Weldon At Odds Over TMD Funding, Threat From Iran. 
Inside Missile Defense. John Liang, Nov 05, 1997, pp 1, 14-15
Curt Weldon (R-PA) blasted the Department of Defense for what he called
its "laissez-faire" attitude towards the Iranian ballistic missile
threat. Reprints of letters exchanged between SecDef Cohen and Rep
Weldon are included with this article. 

Army Air, Missile Defense Master Plan Paints Bleak Picture Of Future
Inside Missile Defense. John Liang, Nov 05, 1997, pp 1, 22-31
The Army's newly released Air and Missile Defense Master Plan says major
fissures in the service's long-term AMD strategy have emerged, and
unless these funding gaps are filled quickly, the service will be unable
to repair all the defensive shortfalls brought to light during Operation
Desert Storm. This article includes a reprint of the FY98 Air and
Missile Defense Master Plan. 

OSD Directs Services To Examine TMD Efforts For 20 Percent In Savings.
Inside Missile Defense. Daniel Dupont, Nov 05, 1997, pp 1, 34
The Office of the Secretary of Defense has ordered the services to
search their theater missile defense programs for cost savings, with the
goal of reducing costs by as much as 20 percent to fit TMD budgets
within planned out-year spending levels. 

Authorizers Approve Pentagon's Requested $474 Million More For NMD.
Inside Missile Defense. Daniel Dupont, Nov 05, 1997, pp 11-12
House and Senate authorizers have given DoD its requested $474m increase
for NMD, but warn the extra funds will "do little in the near term" to
compensate for high risk due to inadequate planned testing. 

Some Senators Ponder Delay In Comprehensive Test Ban Ratification.
Inside Missile Defense. Douglas Berenson, Nov 05, 1997, pp 37-38
Several senators are considering urging a delay in the ratification of
the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty in order to ensure that the Energy
department's means of monitoring the safety and reliability of the
nation's nuclear weapons stockpile will function adequately in the
absence of nuclear testing. 

BMDO Tells Congress Of Limited, Promising Potential For THAAD BM/C3 In NMD. 
Inside Missile Defense. John Liang, Nov 05, 1997, pp 4, 6-9
In a report compiled at congressional request, the BMDO concludes there
are limited, but promising possibilities for leveraging and adapting
theater missile defense battle management command, control and
communications capabilities for use in the national missile defense

BMDO Looking For Discriminating Interceptor Technology Integrator.
Inside Missile Defense. John Liang, Nov 05, 1997, p 2
In keeping with its recent decision to focus more effort on
interceptor-based tracking systems rather than those used on airborne
early warning platforms, BMDO last week told industry it was looking for
a system integration contractor for its discriminating interceptor
technology program. 

Authorizers Direct DoD Study Of Options To Curtail THAAD Cost Growth.
Inside Missile Defense. Daniel Dupont, Nov 05, 1997, pp 9-10
In their report, House and Senate authorization conferees have urged the
Department of Defense to consider a range of alternatives for curtailing
cost growth in the THAAD program, including the possibility of allowing
other companies a shot at THAAD work. 

Conferees Reach Agreement On FY98 Defense Authorization Bill. 
Inside the Pentagon, Oct 30, 1997, p 13-19
This is a statement from the House National Security Committee,
summarizing many of the main aspects of the bill. Among them are the
funding allocations for BMDO and its programs, including NMD and TMD. 

Rep. Weldon And BMDO Chief Lyles Lock Horns Over Theater Missile
Inside the Pentagon. John Liang, Nov 06, 1997, p 3
BMDO Director LtGen Lester Lyles locked horns with HNSC research and
development subcommittee chair Curt Weldon (R-PA) over the promptness of
more detailed information on how to enhance US missile defense
capabilities against an Iranian ballistic missile threat. 

In New Analysis Of QDR Results: CBO Finds Potential $55 Billion Or
Higher Defense Budget Shortfall. 
Inside the Pentagon. Elaine M. Grossman, Nov 06, 1997, pp 1, 12-14
The CBO has found that over the FY 1999 to 2003 future years defense
plan, the Defense Department could experience a shortfall of $55b or
more in its attempt to carry out the recommendation of the QDR. Included
with this story are the charts from CBO Draft Report on Defense Budget

Iran Is Warned Again Of Missile Counteraction. 
Jane's Defence Weekly. Ed Blanche, Nov 05, 1997, p 16
Israeli Defence Minister Yitzhak Mordechai has said his country will
launch pre-emptive strikes against Iran if they pose a threat with
missiles or non-conventional weapons. The Israelis claim that Iran,
aided by Russian technology, is within 18 months of developing a liquid
fueled ballistic missile identified as the Shibab-3. This is claimed to
be modeled on SS-4 (Sandal) technology with a range of 1,200km and a
payload of 700kg. It is also working on another system, the Shihab-4,
with a range of 2,000km. 

US Air Force Calls For Switch To GPS Tracking. 
Space News. Warren Ferster, Nov 03, 1997, p 17
The Air Force could save millions of dollars per year by switching to
the Global Positioning System (GPS) instead of ground radars to track
rockets. The savings would also help drive down the cost of commercial
launch services. The Air Force hopes to win approval for the proposed
policy by the beginning of 1998. 

Propulsion Trial Show Potential Of Laser Power. 
Space News. Leonard David, Nov 03, 1997, p 8
According to DoD and NASA researchers, a small launch vehicle propelled
into space by high-powered lasers could be developed in as few as five
years. The Lightcraft free-flight test program is being conducted at the
White Sands Missile Range. The project is cosponsored by the Air Force
and NASA.