Navy Completes Technical Evaluation of Cooperative Engagement

NEWS RELEASE from the United States Department of Defense

No. 097-01
March 6, 2001
The Navy announced today that the results of a recently completed technical evaluation (TECHEVAL) indicate the Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) is on track to a successful Operational Evaluation (OPEVAL) in April and May of 2001.
The CEC system is intended to provide the capability for a warship to cooperatively engage targets by using data from other CEC-equipped ships, aircraft, and land-based sensors, even in a jamming environment. Working in conjunction with individual ship, aircraft and shore systems, it also provides a common, consistent, and highly accurate air picture, allowing battle group defenses to act as one system. The networking of individual ship's weapons systems increases the range at which enemy and friendly contacts can be identified and engaged.
The TECHEVAL was conducted from Feb. 9 to March 2 in two phases, the first off the coast of Puerto Rico and the second off Wallops Island, Va. The tests included live missile firings and tracking exercises from some of the Navy's most technically advanced ships.
"During TECHEVAL we confirmed that CEC enables our ships to put ordnance on target under conditions that would otherwise be impossible," said Rear Adm. Kate Paige, director, theater air missile defense and systems engineering for the Program Executive Office, Theater Surface Combatants. "The challenges we threw against CEC and the combat systems were tremendous, and again, they proved themselves to be an awesome combination. I'm proud of the entire government/industry team. We're looking forward to OPEVAL."
"The robustness of CEC when augmenting the capabilities of the individual combat systems was again proven in TECHEVAL," added Capt. Dan Busch, CEC program manager. "One specific example occurred when the two most powerful jamming aircraft available in the United States attempted to simultaneously thwart the ships' radar and the CEC network. They failed. CEC is ready."
The testing featured units under the operational command of Rear Adm. Lewis W. Crenshaw Jr., commander, Carrier Group 6. CEC-equipped ships participating were the guided missile cruisers USS Hue City, USS Vicksburg, USS Anzio and USS Cape St. George; the amphibious assault ship USS Wasp and the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy. Other units participating in the test were the guided missile destroyers USS Carney and USS The Sullivans, and more than 24 aircraft.
A media briefing on the results of the CEC TECHEVAL is being planned for Wednesday, March 7, 2001, in the DoD Briefing Room, Pentagon 2E781. For more information contact Lt. Bill Speaks, Navy Office of Information, at (703) 697-5342.