U.S. Tells OSCE of Missile Launch Notification Agreement

United States Mission to the OSCE

Delivered by Ambassador David T. Johnson to the Permanent Council,
February 15, 2001

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

I would like to make a statement on behalf of the United States of
America and the Russian Federation.

I am pleased to inform the Permanent Council, on behalf of myself and
Ambassador Belous, that on December 16 our Foreign Ministers signed in
Brussels a bilateral Memorandum of Understanding on Notifications of
Missile Launches.

This agreement will strengthen strategic stability by establishing a
new and more comprehensive system of pre- and post-launch
notifications for both ballistic missiles and space launch vehicles.
It also provides for notifications when forcing satellites out of
orbit and when conducting experiments in space that could adversely
affect the operation of early warning radars.

This new agreement builds upon the June 2000 agreement between the
Russian Federation and the United States to establish in Moscow a
joint warning center for the exchange of early warning information on
missile launches. Together, these two initiatives will strengthen
strategic stability by substantially reducing the risk of experiencing
false ballistic missile attack warnings and by promoting mutual

The Russian Federation and the United States welcome the opportunity
to work together through this agreement. Our bilateral cooperation
demonstrates our shared commitment to strengthening international

Once it is implemented bilaterally, we intend to open the missile
launch notification system to participation by other interested
states. Today, we have circulated the full text of this agreement in
both English and Russian. Thank you.