Statement By Douglas Hattaway
Regarding George W. Bush's Press Conference on Nuclear Weapons

Nashville - May 23 - Al Gore proposes a more responsible approach to protecting America that is realistic, feasible and likely to ensure real security. He favors working with the Russians to bring changes to the ABM treaty that would accommodate a responsible and practical defense against a ballistic missile attack from a rogue state or an unauthorized launch, and he supports the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty as a means of slowing down the proliferation of nuclear arms.

George W. Bush advocates a radical rewriting of the ABM treaty, or more likely its abolition. He also proposes to throw aside work done to develop a feasible missile defense in favor of an approach that would require us to start all over again from scratch. He calls for a number of steps involving nuclear reductions and changes to the alert status of nuclear weapons that have long since been implemented by this Administration. He is opposed to the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. Bush’s agenda is irresponsible and shows that he lacks the depth of experience to keep America safe and secure.



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