DATE=8/16/2000 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=CHINA/ US DEFENSE - LONG NUMBER=2-265535 BYLINE=KIRK TROY DATELINE=BEIJING CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: Chinese military experts have warned that US missile defense plans could spark a new global arms race and sour Sino US relations. China's state-run media again blasted the United States for considering a missile defense shield that could be deployed in Asia. Kirk Troy reports from Beijing. TEXT: China's flagship English newspaper, the China Daily Tuesday, has published articles quoting high- ranking military officers, who warn US missile defense could undermine regional and global stability. One article strongly criticized the US Theater Missile Defense, or T-M-D, which many US lawmakers want to deploy around their Asian allies - including Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. China's main concern is Taiwan, considered a renegade province by the mainland. The article argued that T-M-D would strengthen US- Taiwan military ties - a violation of Chinese sovereignty. Song Xuefeng, a researcher at the Academy of Military Science, was quoted as saying the new system means the United States could pitch a part of China against China. The second China Daily article focused on US plans for a national missile defense shield which Washington says is needed to protect against any future missile threat that may reach its borders. The Chinese military experts say the plan principally targets Russia and China and risks shattering non- proliferation efforts in the Asia-Pacific region. All of this comes a week after US government intelligence officials gave a similar assessment. US analysts suggest that the US missile defense shield could renew a global arms race. But other US defense officials argue the US must consider its own security needs first because China's nuclear and missile programs will proceed whether the US upgrades its defense systems or not. The US missile defense system is still in its testing stage and President Clinton has yet to make a decision to deploy it. NEB/HK/KT/JO 16-Aug-2000 08:57 AM EDT (16-Aug-2000 1257 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .