BMD & Europe


Rome, 20th-21st April 1993
Official Record
Office of the Clerk of the Assembly of WEU




Tuesday, 20th April 1993

9.30 a.m. First sitting

Opening remarks
Mr. SOELL President of the Assembly of Western European Union
Mr. FOSCHI Chairman of the Italian Delegation
Mr. LOPEZ HENARES Chairman of the Technological and Aerospace Committee

Problems raised by the development and proliferation of advanced ballistic missile technology

Situating the problem: Mr. ANDO Minister of Defence of Italy
Proliferation and analysis of the risks for Europe: Mr. NATIVI Editing Director, Rivista Italiana di Difesa (RID)
The new international order and problems south of the Mediterranean: General JEAN Italy
The evolution of the military situation in Eastern Eurasia: Mr. TAN ENG BOK Charge de recherche, CNRS

2.30 p.m. Second sitting

How to cope with the challenges

Countering proliferation: new criteria for European security: Dr. PAYNE Professor of National Security Studies, Georgetown University, President of the National Institute for Public Policy, United States
Countering proliferation: new criteria for European security: Lt. General GRAHAM (Ret.) Director of High Frontier, United States
Russia's anti-missile defence: Mr. TCHUVAKHIN Deputy Director for Missile Technology, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
Russia and the organisation of a world system of security or protection: Dr. FITUNI Director of the Centre for Strategic and Global Studies, Academy of Sciences of Russia, Moscow
Future prospects for disarmament, arms exports control and non-proliferation: Mr. KARP SIPRI (Stockholm), Sweden

Current state of industrial studies on anti- missile systems in Europe

High technology security co-operation: Mr. STEINICKE Director, Planning and Research Division, Deutsche Aerospace (DASA), Germany
Industrial co-operation in limited anti-missile defence: Mr. ZALONIS President of Eurosam, Italy
Architecture of possible protection systems in Europe: Mr. DELAYE Director, Aerospatiale, Espace et Defense, France
Control, command and cost of systems: Mr. VERDOUX Director, Electronic Systems Division, Thomson-CSF, France

Wednesday, 21st April 1993

10 a.m. Third sitting

Current state of industrial studies on anti-missile systems in Europe (continued)

Observation and warning: mastery of complex systems: Mr. ROCHE Directeur, Systemes Matra Defense Espace, France
Observation and warning: mastery of complex systems: Mr. GRICOURT Matra Marconi Space, France
The use of satellite systems for protection against ballistic missiles: prospects and limits of integration of civil and military systems: Mr. MINICUCCI Amministratore Delegato, Telespazio, Italy
Impact of ballistic missile defence on European military space programmes: Mr. RODOTA General Manager, Alenia Spazio SpA, Italy

Conditions for a European anti-missile defence policy

Strategic lessons of the Gulf war: General STAINIER Commandant of the Institut superieur de defense, Belgium
Anti-missile defence in a global European strategy: Mr. LEIRA Counsellor to the Secretary of State for Defence, Spain Discussion
Anti-missile defence for Europe - an industrial perspective: Mr. BURNHAM British Aerospace Defence Ltd., United Kingdom
Interoperability and co-operation requirements of anti-missile defence: Mr. FOXWELL Ferranti International System Integration, United Kingdom
A worldwide, regional or national system - implications of the choice: Mr. BARTHELEMY Sous-Directeur a la Delegation aux affaires strategiques, Ministry of Defence, France

3 p.m. Fourth sitting

Anti-missile defence and the law of outer space: Dr. von KRIES MST Aerospace GmbH, Germany
General report: Mr. MARTRE President of GIFAS (Groupement des industries francaises aeronautiques et spatiales), France
General discussion
Conclusions: Mr. LENZER MdB, Vice-Chairman of the Technological and Aerospace Committee