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ERINT Extended Ranger Interceptor

The ERINT program was part of the Strategic Defense Initiative's Theater Missile Defense Program. It was an extension of the Flexible Lightweight Agile Guided Experiment (FLAGE), which included developing hit-to-kill technology and demonstrating the guidance accuracy of a small, agile, radar-homing vehicle. At White Sands in 1987, FLAGE succeeded in scoring a direct hit against a Lance missile in flight. ERINT intercepted a Storm target on 30 November 1993. Storm simulated a theater ballistic missile. The ERINT tested at White Sands was a prototype missile similar to the FLAGE. However it used a new solid-propellant rocket motor which allowed ERINT to fly faster and higher than FLAGE. The ERINT was 15.7 feet long, 10 inches in diameter and weighed about 700 pounds.

The ERINT was subsequently chosen as the Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) missile. The first developmental test flight of the PAC-3 at White Sands was conducted on Sept. 29, 1997.


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