Counterproliferation Program Review Committee
CPRC Annual Report To Congress 1997

Summary of Key DoD Activities and Programs Strongly Related to Counterproliferation

Introduction. In the tables that follow, the Counterproliferation Support Program (Table C. 1) and the Chemical and Biological Defense Program (Table C. 2) are summarized along with other key Service (Tables C. 3 - C. 5), DoD Agency (Tables C. 6 - C. 8 and C. 10 - C. 12), OSD (Table C. 9), and Joint Staff (Table C. 13) activities and programs strongly related to counterproliferation. The summaries include: program/ project title, program description, program accomplishments, key program milestones, relevant DoD counterproliferation ACE priorities, program/ project executing agencies, FY 1998 budget figures, and Program Element (PE) number.

It should be noted that detailed program descriptions, including project accomplishments, milestones, and plans are provided to Congress annually as part of the President's Budget. Accomplishments and milestones cited in the following tables represent selected highlights rather than an exhaustive characterization of counterproliferation- related activities and programs.

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