The Airborne Laser
Theater Air Defense...with lightning lethality

The Airborne Laser (ABL) Program will provide an early defense against tactical theater ballistic missiles by eliminating them while still in the boost phase. The Airborne Laser will use advanced missile tracking technology to locate and aim a high energy laser at theater ballistic missiles, such as the Scud misiles used by Iraq during Desert Storm, destroying them before they can enter friendly territory. Flying from friendly airspace, the ABL will be part of an integrated missile defense system which will greatly reduce the threat of theater ballistic missiles during both combat and peace-time situations.

There are currently two teams competing for this program: the Rockwell / Hughes / Raytheon E-Systems / SVS R&D / Lockheed Martin / Parsons / SAIC team, and the Boeing / Lockheed / TRW team. The Airborne Laser contract will be awarded on November 15, 1996.

Company Fact Sheets and Schedule Updates

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The Rockwell team proposal for the Program Definition and Risk Reduction (PDRR) phase was delivered on 9 July. Listed below are major milestones leading to the contract award:

Midterm Briefing
BAFOs Received
Contract Award
23 Aug 96
21 Oct 96
15 Nov 96

The following milestones have already been met:

Briefing to Offerors
1st Draft RFP Release
Acquisition Strategy Panel Update
2nd Draft RFP Release
SAMP Approved
RFP Release
Proposals Received
28 Oct 95
18 Jan 96
08 Feb 96
01 Mar 96
29 Apr 96
01 May 96
09 Jul 96

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