White House E-Mail

The Top-Secret Messages the Reagan/Bush White House Thought They Had Destroyed

Edited by Tom Blanton

White House E-Mail is an unprecedented, revealing, and, at times, comical collection of the most dramatic computer communications that flowed electronically through the national security offices of the Reagan/Bush White House. Here, for the first time, are the secret e-mail messages behind the most scandalous policies of our times, the e-mail that Oliver North and John Poindexter thought they had deleted from their computers before leaving the National Security Council in disgrace.

Presidents Reagan and Bush tried to keep these documents secret from the American public, but the National Security Archive won a five-year Freedom of Information Act lawsuit to declassify them for public scrutiny and posterity.

White House E-Mail selects the best of the three thousand pieces of electronic mail that have been released as a result of the lawsuit--virtually none of which has ever before been available to the American public--and presents them as a paperback and computer disk set so that you can pull up White House e-mail on your own computer. The result is a wiretap access to policy deliberations, political machinations, and governmental gossip never intended for anyone outside the inner circle of the White House.

Tom Blanton is the director of The National Security Archive, a nongovernmental organization in Washington, D.C., designed to make previously classified government documents available to the American public.

Paperback original packaged with floppy disk: $14.95, ISBN 1-56584-276-6
7" x 7", Book, Disk in ASCII, 224 pages
Current Events/Government/History
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