Training and Readiness

1. Purpose. This chapter provides NBC training and readiness considerations.

2. Overview. Training, readiness reporting, and environmental concerns must be considered when discussing support for NBC defense.

3. Joint NBC Training. Although individual training and exercises to test proficiency remain under the purview of the Services, NBC defense will be integrated into individual and collective programs at all levels and into higher echelon operational and tactical exercises, command post and other C3 system exercises, and joint and multinational training exercises. The objectives of this training are to develop and evaluate the readiness of US and allied military forces and mission-essential civilians to operate in an NBC environment and to ensure proficiency with defensive NBC equipment, materials, and procedures.

4. Readiness Reporting. The need for readiness reporting is important for the combatant commander to exercise directive authority for logistics or if NBC would materially affect COA or organization of the theater.

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