DOD Directive 5100.1

DOD Directive 5210.56

"Chemical and Biological Defense Readiness Reporting (FOUO)"

"Conduct of the Persian Gulf Conflict: An Interim Report to Congress"


JCS Pub 1-01 , "Joint Publication System: Joint Doctrine and Joint Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Development Program"

JCS Pub 1-02 , "DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms"

JCS Pub 1-3.3 , "Joint Reporting Structure Status of Resources and Training System (SORTS)"

JCS Pub 2-0 , "Doctrine for Intelligence Support to Joint Operations"

JCS Pub 2-01 , "JTTP for Intelligence Support to Joint Operations"

JCS Pub 2-01.2 , "Joint Doctrine, TTP for Counterintelligence (CI) Support to Operations"

JCS Pub 3-0 , "Doctrine for Joint Operations"

JCS Pub 3-12 , "Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations"

JCS Pub 3-12.1 , "Doctrine for Joint Nonstrategic Nuclear Weapons Employment"

JCS Pub 3-12.2 , "Nuclear Weapons Employment Effects Data"

JCS Pub 3-12.3 , "Nuclear Weapons Employment Effects Data (Notional)"

JCS Pub 3-07 , "Military Operations Other Than War"

JCS Pub 3-54 , "Joint Doctrine for Operations Security"

JCS Pub 4-0 , "Doctrine for Logistics Support of Joint Operations"

JCS Pub 4-02 , "Doctrine for Health Support in Joint Operations"

JCS Pub 4-05 , "Mobilization"

JCS Pub 5-0 , "Doctrine for Planning Joint Operations"

JCS Pub 5-03.1 , "Joint Operation Planning and Execution System, Volume I (Planning Policies and Procedures)"

JCS Pub 5-03.2 , "Joint Operation Planning and Execution System, Volume II, (Planning and Execution Formats and Guidance)"

JCS Pub 6-0 , "Doctrine for Command, Control, Communications, and Computer (C4) Systems Support to Joint Operations"

JCS Pub 6-04.10 , "US Message Text Formatting Program, Description of US Message Text Formatting Program"

JCS Pub 6-04.20 , "Catalog of US Message Text Formats"

"Joint Universal Lessons Learned System (JULLS)"

"Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan (JSCP)"

Emergency Action Plan - CJCS, Volume V


FM 3-6 /AFM 105-7/FMFM 7-11H, "Field Behavior of NBC Agents"

FM 3-10-1 /NWP 18-1/AFM 355-4/FMFM 7-11, "Chemical Weapons Employment"

FM 8-285 /NAVMED P-5041/AFM 160-11, "Treatment of Chemical Agent Casualties and Conventional Military Chemical Injuries"

FM 8-9 /NAVMED P-5059/AFP 161-3, "NATO Handbook on the Medical Aspects of NBC Defensive Operations AMEDP-6"

FM 10-63 /AFM 143-3/FMFM 4-8, "Handling of Deceased Personnel in Theater of Operations"


FM 3-3 , "Chemical and Biological Contamination Avoidance"

FM 3-3-1 , "Nuclear Defense"

FM 3-4 , "NBC Protection"

FM 3-5 , "NBC Decontamination"

FM 3-7 , "NBC Handbook"

FM 3-100 , "NBC Defense, Chemical Warfare, and Smoke and Flame Operations"

FM 3-101 , "Chemical Staffs and Units"

FM 8-10 , "Health Service Support in a Theater of Operations"

FM 8-10-7 , "Health Services Support in a Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Environment"

FM 8-10-8 , "Medical Intelligence"

FM 10-52 , "Water Supply in Theaters of Operations"

FM 10-52-1 , "Water Supply Point Equipment and Operations"

FM 16-1 , "Religious Support Doctrine: The Chaplain and Chaplain Assistant"

FM 100-5 , "Operations"

FM 100-6 , "Large Unit Operations"

FM 100-9 , "Reconstitution"

FM 100-10 , "Combat Service Support"

FM 100-16 , "Support Operations: Echelons Above Corps"

FM 100-30 , "Nuclear Operations"

FM 101-5 , "Staff Organization and Operations"

AR 350-42 , "Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defense"

TRADOC PAM 11-9 , "Blueprint of the Battlefield"


NWP 1 , "Strategic Concepts of the US Navy"

NWP 2 , "Organization of the US Navy"

NWP 3 , "Naval Technology"

NWP 62-1(D) , "Surface Ship Survivability"

NSTM, Chapter 070, "Shipboard Radiological Defense"

NSTM, Chapter 40, "Shipboard BW/CW Defense and Countermeasures"

NBC, "Warfare Defense Ashore"


FMFM 7-11D , "NBC Protection"

FMFM 7-11E , "NBC Decontamination"


AFM 1-1 , "Basic Aerospace Doctrine of the United States Air Force"

AFR 355-1 , "Disaster Preparedness Planning and Operations"

AFR 355-3 , "Air Force Personnel Shelter Programs"

AFR 355-8 , "Mission Oriented Protective Posture: Minimizing Performance Degradation During Chemical Warfare Operations"

AFR 360-1 , "Airborne Operability Planning and Operations"

AFR 360-2 , "Commanders Airborne Operability Planning Guide"

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