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No. 44-94 Department of the Army

Washington, D. C., xx XXX 1998





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*This publication supersedes FM 44-94, dd mmm 1998.



Field Manual (FM) 44-94 is the doctrinal manual for US Army Air and Missile Defense Command (AAMDC) Operations. It provides detailed information on the AAMDCís mission, organization and operations. The AAMDC, an Army multifunctional organization, performs theater air and missile defense (TAMD) planning, integration, coordination and execution functions for the Army Forces Commander and the Joint Forces Land Component Commander (ARFOR/JFLCC). Air and missile defense functions are accomplished under one or a mix of operational elements - attack, active defense, passive defense and Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I).

Providing doctrinal guidance for commanders, staffs, trainers and leaders at all levels, FM 44-94 also serves as the doctrinal basis for Army Service School curricula development.

Unless stated otherwise, masculine text does not refer exclusively to men.

The proponent for this manual is the United States Army Air Defense Artillery School. Address your comments and recommendations to:


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Development milestones for this manual are:

Initial Draft 01 APR 1997

Second Draft 30 NOV 1997

Final Draft 23 FEB 1998

Doctrine Review and Approval Group (DRAG) TBD > Roving Sands 1998

DA Print TBD 1998

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