Index FM 44-100, Air And Missile Defense Operations


FM 44-100 is the Army Air Defense Artillery (ADA) capstone doctrinal manual for the air defense combat function. It explains the Army ADA contributions to joint and multinational counterair and theater missile defense operations. It also addresses the range of offensive and defensive actions to counter the air threat. This manual provides the doctrinal basis for integrating the air defense combat function into the planning and conduct of strategic, operational, and tactical levels of operations. FM 44-100 conforms to the doctrinal principles of FM 100-5 and Joint Pubs 3-01 and 3-01.5. The contents of FM 44-100 apply to Army ADA units worldwide. Army ADA forces must adapt this doctrine to the specific requirements of each theater.

FM 44-100 provides doctrinal guidance for ADA commanders, trainers, and leaders at all levels and is the basis for Army ADA service school curricula development. This manual also provides the doctrinal basis for the implementation of air and missile defense measures in all Army units. The tactics, techniques, and procedures in the 44-series of field manuals complement FM 44-100.

This publication implements the following international agreement: STANAG 3805 Doctrine and Procedures for Airspace Control in Times of Crisis and War (ATP-40 (B)). The proponent of this manual is Headquarters TRADOC. Send comments and recommendations on DA Form 2028 (Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms) directly to Commandant, US Army Air Defense Artillery School ATTN: ATSA-DOT-D, Fort Bliss, Texas 79916-3802.

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