Annex D

Acronyms and Abbreviations

AA assembly area/air assault
AAMDC Army Air and Missile Defense Command
AAN Army After Next
AAO Army acquisition objective
ABCS Army Battle Command System
ABMOC air battle management operations center
ABN airborne
ABT air-breathing threat
AC active component
ACCP Army Correspondence Courses Program
ACR armored cavalry regiment
ACT advanced concept technology
ACTD advanced concept technology demonstration
AD armored division
ADA Air Defense Artillery
ADBLSE Air Defense Battle Lab Support Element
ADLT advanced discriminating LADAR technology
Admin administration
ADSAM air directed surface-to-air missile
ADSI air defense system integrator
AFB Air Force base
AGL above ground level
AI air interdiction
ALERT attack and launch early report to theater
AMCOM Aviation and Missile Command
AMD air and missile defense
AMDMP Air and Missile Defense Master Plan
AMDPCS Air and Missile Defense Planning and Control System
AMDWS Air and Missile Defense Workstation
AMRAAM Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile
APOD aerial port of debarkation
ARAMS All Radiation Anti-Missile System
ARL Army Research Laboratory
ARM anti-radiation missile
ARNG Army National Guard
ARTEP Army Training and Evaluation Program
ARTY artillery
ASARC Army Systems Acquisition Review Council
ASAT anti-satellite
ASCM antiship cruise missile
ATACMS Army Tactical Missile System
ATD advanced technology demonstration
ATGM antitank-guided missile
ATM asynchronous transfer mode
ATXXI Army Training XXI
AUT article under test
AV2010 Army Vision 2010
AVNG Avenger
AVT Avenger video tracker
AWACS airborne warning and control system
AWE advanced warfighting experiment
BC2 Battlespace Command and Control
BDE/Bde brigade
BIO biological
BIT/BITE built-in test/built-in test equipment
BM/C4I battle management/command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence
BMDO Ballistic Missile Defense Organization
BN/Bn battalion
BSFV Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle
BTOC brigade/battalion tactical operations center
BTRY/Btry battery
BVRID beyond visual range identification
C2 command and control
C3I command, control, communications, and intelligence
C4I command, control, communications, computers and intelligence
CADEWS Counterair Directed Energy Weapon System
CAS close air support
CATS Combined Arms Training Strategy
CD cavalry division
CDR concept design review
CD-ROM compact disk-read only memory
CDI classification, discrimination, and identification
C/E communications/electronics
CEP circular error probable/concept experimentation program
CHEM chemical
CHS common hardware and software
CINC commander in chief
CM cruise missile
CMTC Combat Maneuver Training Center
CO2 carbon dioxide
COE common operating environment
Comdt commandant
CONUS Continental United States
Coord coordination
CRC Control and Reporting Center
CRG communications relay group
CSS combat service support
CTC combat training center
DA Department of the Army
DAB Defense Acquisition Board
D&D design and development
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DB database
DEF defense
DEM/VAL demonstration/validation
DEW directed energy weapon
DIA Defense Intelligence Agency
DII defense information infrastructure
DISN Defense Information System Network
DIS distributed interactive simulation
DIV division
DoD Department of Defense
DSP Defense Support Program
DTAC Digital Training Access Center
DTLOMS doctrine, training, leader development, organization, materiel and soldiers
DT/OT developmental testing/operational testing
EAC echelons above corps
EADSIM extended air defense simulation
EADTB Extended Air Defense Test Bed
ECM electronic countermeasures
ECP engineering change proposal
ECS engagement control station
EKV exoatmospheric kill vehicle
ELES enhanced launcher electronics system
EM electromagnetic
EMD engineering and manufacturing development
EO engagement operations
EPLRS Enhanced Position Location Reporting System
EPP extended planning period
EUT early user test
ETPT embedded troop proficiency trainer
EW electronic warfare
FAA functional area assessment
FAAD forward area air defense
FAAR forward area alerting radar
FBCB2 Force XXI Battle Command, Brigade and Below
FL Florida
FLIR forward-looking infrared radar
FM field manual
FO force operations
FOC future operational capability
FOFT force-on-force trainer
FRP full-rate production
FSU Former Soviet Union
FU fire unit
FT fort
FUE first unit equipped
FW fixed-wing
FY fiscal year
GBS ground-based sensor
GEM guidance enhancement missile (PATRIOT)
GND I&T ground integration and test
GOI Government of Israel
GPS Global Positioning System
HE high explosive
HHB headquarters and headquarters battery
HIMAD high-to-medium altitude air defense
HIMARS High Mobility Advanced Rocket System
HMMWV High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle
HQ headquarters
Hr hour
HTK hit-to-kill
ICBM intercontinental ballistic missile
ICC information and coordination central
ID identification/infantry division
IFF identification, friend or foe
IG inspector general
INF intermediate range nuclear force
INS inertial navigation system
Intel intelligence
IOC initial operational capability
IOTE initial operational test and evaluation
IPB intelligence preparation of battlefield
IPR in-process review
IR infrared
IR&D independent research and development
IRBM intermediate range ballistic missile
IRCM infrared countermeasures
IRCCM infrared counter-countermeasures
JA judge advocate
JDN joint data net
JPN joint planning net
JRTC Joint Readiness Training Center
JSF joint strike fighter
JTA joint technical architecture
JTAGS Joint Tactical Ground Station
JTIDS Joint Tactical Information Distribution System
KE kinetic energy
Km kilometer
LAAD low-altitude air defense
LACM land attack cruise missile
LADAR laser radar
LAN local area network
LAV-AD Light Armored Vehicle-Air Defense
LB Linebacker
LCR light cavalry regiment/large-caliber rocket
LO low observable
Log logistics
LRIP low-rate initial production
LSDIS Light and Special Division Interim Sensor
LUT limited user test
M meters
M3P Multi-Mission Mobile Processor
Maint maintenance
MANPADS man portable air defense system
MEADS Medium Extended Air Defense System
METT-T mission, enemy, troops, terrain and weather, and time available
Min minutes
MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System
MMSS multimission sensor suite
MMW millimeter wave
MOS military occupational specialty
MOU memorandum of understanding
MRBM medium-range ballistic missile
MRL multiple rocket launcher
MS milestone/Mississippi
M/S meters/second
MSCS Manual SHORAD Control System
Msl missile
MTP Mission training plan
Mtr motors
MTW major theater wars
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBC nuclear, biological, chemical
NMNG New Mexico National Guard
NM New Mexico
NMD National Missile Defense
NTC National Training Center
OCONUS outside Continental United States
O&S operations & sustainment
ODS Operation Desert Storm
OH Ohio
OPLAN operations plan
Opr operator
Ops operations
OPTEMPO operational tempo
ORD operational requirements document
OSD Office of Secretary of Defense
OTH over-the-horizon
P3I pre-planned product improvement
PA Pennsylvania
PAC-2 PATRIOT Advanced Capability-2
PAC-3 PATRIOT Advanced Capability-3
PADIL PATRIOT digital information link
PATRIOT Phased Array Tracking to Intercept of Target
PDB post-deployment build
PD & RR program definition and requirements review
PDR preliminary design review
PD/V program definition/validation
PENAIDS penetration aids
PEO AMD Program Executive Officer - Air and Missile Defense
PGIP predicted ground impact point
PID positive identification
PLS Palletized Loading System
POM Program Objective Memorandum
Prod production
Pub public
Pubs publications
QDR Quadrennial Defense Review
RAM reliability, availability, and maintainability
RC reserve component
RC3 reserve component configured courseware
RCTI Reserve Component Training Institute
RCS radar cross section
RCU remote control unit
RDA research, development, and acquisition
RDEC research development and engineering center
RDTE research, development, test and evaluation
Recon reconnaissance
RF radio frequency
RGMT regiment
RISTA reconnaissance, intelligence, surveillance, and target acquisition
RL/CEU remote launch/communications enhancement upgrade
RMP reprogrammable microprocessor
ROBS rapid optical beam steering
RPV remotely piloted vehicle
RV reentry vehicle
RW rotary-wing
RWR radar warning receiver
SARDA Assistant Secretary of the Army for Research, Development, and Acquisition
SBIRS Spaced-Based Infrared System
SC South Carolina
SCATS Smart Crane Ammunition Transfer System
SCIF sensitive compartmented information facility
SCT system certification test
SDR system design review
SEAD suppression of enemy air defense
Sec section
SFV Stinger Fighting Vehicle
SGI small group instruction
SHORAD short range air defense
SHTU Simplified Handheld Terminal Unit
SICPS Standard Integrated Command Post System
SIGINT signal intelligence
SIT system integration test
SLBM submarine-launched ballistic missile
SLID Small, Low-Cost Interceptor Device
SMDC Space and Missile Defense Command
SPOD seaport of debarkation
Spt support
SRBM short range ballistic missile
SRR system requirements review
STAR system threat assessment report
STC slew-to-cue
STP soldier training publication
STPT Stinger Troop Proficiency Trainer
SW software
SWORD SHORAD with Optimized Radar Distribution
sys dev system development
TAA Total Army Analysis/tactical assembly area
TAAD theater army air and missile defense
TADIL tactical digital information link
TADSS training aids, devices, simulations, and simulators
TASM tactical air-to-surface missile
TASS Total Army School System
TATS Total Army Training System
TBM tactical ballistic missile
TBMD tactical ballistic missile defense
TEL transporter erector launcher
THAAD Theater High Altitude Area Defense
THEL Tactical High Energy Laser
TMD theater missile defense
TMDSE Theater Missile Defense System Exerciser
TMS teams
TN Tennessee
TOC tactical operations center
TR transmit/receive
TRADOC Training and Doctrine Command
TTP tactics, techniques, and procedures
UAV unmanned aerial vehicle
UOES user operational evaluation system
USAADASCH United States Army Air Defense Artillery School
USASMDC United States Army Space and Missile Defense Command
USMC United States Marine Corps
UTEP University of Texas El Paso
VA Virginia
VTC video teleconferencing
VTT video teletraining
WMD weapon of mass destruction
WSMR White Sands Missile Range

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