PUBLIC BILLS AND RESOLUTIONS (House of Representatives - August 05, 1998)

[Page: H7289]

Under clause 5 of Rule X and clause 4 of Rule XXII, public bills and resolutions were introduced and severally referred, as follows:

By Mr. WELDON of Pennsylvania (for himself, Mr. Spratt, Mr. Pickett, Mr. Everett, Mr. Armey, Mr. Abercrombie, Mr. Bartlett of Maryland, Mr. Ryun, Ms. Granger, Mr. Watts of Oklahoma, Mr. Spence, Mr. Andrews, Mr. Snyder, Mr. Hall of Texas, Mr. Dicks, Mr. Turner, Mr. Livingston, Mr. Ortiz, Mr. Sisisky, Mr. Hoyer, Mr. Cox of California, Mr. Shadegg, Mr. DeLay, Mr. Bereuter, Mr. Thornberry, Mr. Skelton, Mr. Bateman, Mr. Hunter, Mr. Reyes, Mr. Saxton, Mr. Gilman, Ms. Dunn of Washington, Mr. Goss, Mr. Solomon, Mrs. Cubin, Mr. Blagojevich, Mr. Tanner, Ms. Sanchez, Mr. Taylor of Mississippi, Mr. Goode, Mr. Stenholm, Mr. Berry, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Underwood, Mr. Bob Schaffer, Mr. Gibbons, Mr. Meehan, Mr. Cramer, and Mr. Aderholt):

H.R. 4402. A bill to declare it to be the policy of the United States to deploy a national missile defense; to the Committee on National Security, and in addition to the Committee on International Relations, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned.