AMERICAN TECHNOLOGY TRANSFERS TO CHINA (House of Representatives - May 19, 1998)

[Page: H3372]

The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under the Speaker's announced policy of January 21, 1997, the gentleman from California (Mr. Rohrabacher) is recognized during morning hour debates for 5 minutes.

Mr. ROHRABACHER. Mr. Speaker, outrage is sweeping the United States of America, and a justifiable outrage. The American people are finding out now that the technology that they paid for with their tax dollars to be developed during the Cold War, that some of that technology has been transferred to the communist Chinese in order to upgrade the capabilities of their nuclear weapons delivery system.

When President Clinton became President of the United States, we had a chance to confront any wrongdoing or aggression or belligerency committed by the communist Chinese, knowing that the people of the United States were not at risk. Now, after 5 years, we find almost miraculously that the Chinese have developed the capability of hitting the United States with nuclear weapons.

The outrage that I talked about, as I suggested, comes from the fact that we are now learning that it was American corporations, some moguls from the aerospace industry, who decided to take American technology and improve those Chinese rockets. Then we find out that this administration, inside the administration, the watchdogs that noticed that this illegal act and immoral act was taking place, that when the watchdogs tried to create and tried to establish an investigation and to prosecute those people who had transferred that missile technology, that their effort was undercut by no one else but the President of the United States.

President Bill Clinton took the steps that were necessary to transfer the authority of blocking some certain transfers of technology from the State Department, which opposed that transfer, to the Commerce Department that was headed by Ron Brown which was interested in facilitating transfers of technology. The President also issued waivers and licenses that undercut those people who were preparing the prosecution of those people in the aerospace industry that transferred that technology to the communist Chinese.

And yes, there is one other step in this story of betrayal, and that is the information that now is emerging that the President of the United States, during his reelection effort, received millions of dollars in contributions from those who were transferring this technology, in the same time period that the waivers and licenses were being issued by the Oval Office in order to facilitate those transfers.

Bernard Swartz, the CEO of Lorel Corporation, the corporation that transferred much of this technology, is the biggest contributor to the President's reelection campaign, over a million dollars to the President's reelection or to the Democratic party. And then, of course, we hear about money coming from the communist Chinese themselves, filtering it into the President's reelection campaign, Johnny Chung just a few days ago admitting that the $100,000 he tried to funnel into the Democratic campaign came from the People's Liberation Army.

I would ask my colleagues to pay attention to this story, because the People's Liberation Army, the source of those funds was not just the army itself, it was that part of the communist Chinese army that deals with missile and rocket development. A lieutenant colonel in the Chinese Army gave that money to Johnny Chung to funnel into the President's campaign.

Yes, there is justifiable outrage. The President has a lot of questions to answer, as do these corporations, both on moral grounds and on legal grounds. The President should cancel his trip to China until those questions have been answered, and there should be a moratorium on all presidential actions concerning waivers and licenses and the shipping of technology to communist China until we get to the bottom of this.

Every man, woman, and child in the United States now is in jeopardy of nuclear incineration by the communist Chinese if we ever do confront them in their wrongdoing, because of technology that has been transferred to them with the help of this President and with the profit of American companies making profit off technology developed by the taxpayers for the protection of our country.

This is the most serious scandal that I have heard. Maybe the American people cannot understand what sex scandal and character has to do with making decisions, but this is very understandable. Our country has been betrayed. We need to get to the bottom of it.