CHINA (House of Representatives - April 30, 1998)

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The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under the Speaker's announced policy of January 7, 1997, the gentleman from California (Mr. Rohrabacher) is recognized for 60 minutes as the designee of the majority leader.


Tonight I would like to discuss for the record an issue that has yet to fully make itself present to the American people. It is not now part of the public consciousness but will, I predict, once the public is aware of what is going on, result in widespread rage and ultimately an equally widespread sense of betrayal by our people. Whether purposely or as a result of well intentioned but unforgivably wrong policies, our country has been put in serious jeopardy.

First let me say that in my first 10 years that I have been here in the House of Representatives, I have suffered great frustration over our country's China policy, both Republicans and Democrats in charge of the White House. When Clinton was elected in 1992, in fact, I expected at least I would be able to work with our new President from Arkansas on the issues concerning China. After all, candidate Clinton attacked President Bush for kowtowing to the Chinese despots, and when asked in an interview a few weeks before the election, candidate Clinton pledged that he would not support most-favored-nation status for China and that he was appalled by the human rights abuses of the Communist regime in Beijing.

But once elected and sworn in as President, Bill Clinton's tune changed. He was different from President Bush, all right. Instead of not being tough enough on the Communist Chinese regime, he decided not to be tough at all. Instead of revoking most-favored-nation status for Communist China as he pledged during his campaign, President Clinton waited till Congress was out of town on a break and then announced that his administration was decoupling Chinese trade issues from any discussion of human rights. In one single stroke, Bill Clinton earned an infamous place in history.

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In the years since he has done nothing to rectify or correct this horrendous violation of our trust. This act was the worst setback for the cause of human rights at least since the time that I have served in Congress.

Not only did we step off the high ground in our relations with the Communist Chinese regime, but we have been wading in the muck with them ever since. The tough guys in Beijing now know darn well that anything this administration says or does about human rights is meant for internal consumption in the United States only. In other words, we are being played for suckers.

Every time a pronouncement is made by Bill Clinton's White House about Tibet or the savagery against religious people in China, the regime in Beijing laughs. I mean, Madeleine Albright is over there now, and it was reported that she said something really tough on human rights, and you know she was taken very seriously by, you know, the gangsters in Beijing.

Any talk of liberty or justice by the President of the United States or any member of this administration is seen as a joke by Third World despots and Chinese dictators. This has been a tremendous disservice to our country as well as to the oppressed peoples of the world to whom the United States is their only real hope of ever living in freedom and in dignity.

So why is this situation? Well, first and foremost, the gangsters who run China cannot help but notice that, while leaders may make noises like Madeleine Albright has just done, little noises, they are still raking in the $50 billion annually from their trade surplus with the United States, and we are not doing anything to stop that. So they are going to listen to our noises while we are giving them a situation where they get $50 billion out of our pockets.

Give me a break. We still let them get away with charging 30 to 40 percent tariffs on our goods that are being exported to China, even while we let their products that flood into the United States come here with only 3 or 4 percent tariffs. How can we possibly treat our people, let our people be treated in such an unfair way and just not even go after it, not even try?

The trade relationship is so skewed that we let them get away with outrageous demands. For example, when we want to sell some of our products to China, like airplanes, for example, we must build airplane manufacturing parts over there in China. That means that after 10 years from now they will have technology for a modern aerospace industry in order to put our people out of work in order to sell our airplanes today, and we let them get away with those kind of demands, and we even finance the airplane deals.

We even use, as I say, taxpayer dollars to subsidize or guarantee the building of manufacturing operations in China and elsewhere in the Third World where dictators reign.

I can understand the sale that, you know, subsidizing or in some way trying to subsidize and help along a sale of a product that is just a transfer of a good made here so that they can afford the credit or something over there, but, by and large, that is not what is happening. What is happening is that Most Favored Nation status is really about not the selling of our products but what it is really about is the Federal Government taxing you and me. Then through the Export-Import Bank and other financial institutions supported by our tax dollars they use those dollars to facilitate the building of factories in China and other dictatorships that will be used not just to supply goods for the Chinese market but then it will be turned around and used to provide goods and manufacture goods that will be exported to the United States to put our people out of work who are the ones paying for the taxes that subsidized the deal in the first place.

This is the worst violation, the worst violation of trust that I have seen, and this body continually refuses to come to grips with it. Whenever there is a debate on this issue, the issue is skirted, and they talk about selling our goods over there when the real complaint is we are building factories over there that will put our people out of work. And the people on the other side, the Export-Import Bank and these other issues, continually refuse to come to grips with that answer.

Then we signed international agreements like the Global Warming Treaty which exempts China from the strict controls we put on ourselves and knowing full well that that will mean that more and more investment into machinery and technology, and plants will go into China, and they will build manufacturing units in China that will outpace our own production in the United States. In other words, we are laying the groundwork for a huge transfer of wealth from the United States to China and other Third World countries.

And what are the Communist Chinese bosses doing with this technology? Well, number one, they are not paying any attention to our words that we are concerned that they do not believe in human rights, but what they are doing with it is they are taking that and building a modern military force, a modern Army, Navy, Air Force and missile force to threaten anyone who gets in their way.

Has there been any liberalization in the meantime? Any change of thinking? Are there any nicer guys up there in Beijing? Well, to think well of Bill Clinton and the corporate power brokers who are groveling to these Chinese Communist thugs and downplaying their overflow, I might add, we must believe that this strategy of engagement will result in a modification of the behavior by Communist Chinese.

These are the same Communist Chinese who now hold their fellow countrymen in a grip of repression and terror. In fact, they are the world's largest and most grandiose human rights abusers.

This coddle-a-Nazi-and-he-will-become-a-liberal strategy is as wrongheaded an attitude as the American industrials and bankers had towards Hitler's Germany and Hirohito's Japan in the 1930s. It did not work with those thugs, and it is not going to work with these thugs. As we know, that did not foster peace then but led to war and unfathomable suffering and death in the 1940s.

If we do not use our heads and act in strength and insure that we have the strength, we could, with all the best of intentions, stumble into this same type of murderous conflagration as happened in the third and fourth decade of this century; and things will not get better, they will get worse.

Well, 10 years ago there was, you know, has it gotten better since we have really been bending over backwards for this last decade to try to work with these people, to engage the Chinese regime? Well, 10 years ago there was an active populist reform movement in China, and now there is none.

Although some internal debate is tolerated among the party elite who seek a means of laying out public steam without endangering the party's monopoly of power, by and large the good guys, meaning the non-Communist opposition, have either fled or been

murdered or sentenced to prison. So instead of evolving into a freer society, China is going in the opposite direction.

Yes, it is more prosperous, but those buildings and those cars and that technology does not mean they are any less dictatorial or repressive or immoral.

When you blur the distinctions between right and wrong, between good and evil, which is what our administration and those people who want to deal with the Chinese on an equal basis do, do not be surprised if you find yourself going in the wrong direction.

Bill Clinton and the corporate elite who are pushing this Chinese policy on America are, if we trust their words, trying to gradually turn China from a militaristic dictatorship to a hard-driving yet benevolent player in the world economy. They claim to believe that China will evolve. Of course, they are making a lot of money, a lot of money in the process; and, as I pointed out, these people making a lot of money are doing so by being subsidized and protected by the American taxpayer.

Let me say that those businessmen who go into China without a government subsidy, without a guarantee, without political insurance provided by the American taxpayer, that is okay, good luck. Good luck, you were taking the risks, and I am not talking about you tonight because you will be paying for the consequences if you were wrong just as you will reap the rewards if China does become the vast market that drives the dreams of so many, and the China dream is what it is all about.

You know they said that China is the great market of the future, and it always will be. Well, China has its own national interests and its totalitarian leaders have their own unchallenged personal power that holds western concepts of democracy and the rules of law and equitable political and business relationships in contempt.

Tonight I feel compelled to express my skepticism about those who loudly advocate the evolutionary engagement theory of the 50 or so American business leaders who have sat in my office and told me about doing business on the mainland of China and how it is going to make these people more liberal and how they will get some values from us.

Not one has ever spoken to a Chinese official near or around his place of business in China about human rights, not one. Many of them have even admitted that they would permit Communist officials to arrest their own employees if that employee belonged to an unrecognized Christian church.

This is a pitiful reality. It is a disgrace that any American, it is a total disgrace that any American would stand by as a Christian or a person of any religious faith was dragged out of their offices kicking and screaming by some Gestapo, whether it was a Communist, Nazi or Fascist or whatever type of Gestapo it was.

I guess it comes down to this. Just because you are free to do business in a dictatorship like China does not mean you are free from the responsibility of being an American and standing up for our ideals of freedom, and at the very least you are not expected to participate in activities that threaten the security of our country just because you are making money.

Tonight I wanted to discuss the inane policies of our government and the activities of some of our corporate citizens that are both deplorable and alarming. Tonight I want to discuss for the record for the first time the possibility that this administration and some powerful high-technology companies may well have put our country in grave danger, perhaps putting in harm's way millions of our citizens. If accurate, the information I have been examining describes one of the worst betrayals of America's security interests since the Rosenbergs.

I will go right to the heart of the issue. It appears that several high-tech corporations doing business with the Communist Chinese may have gone not only over the line of propriety but over the line of loyalty to the security interests of our country. These aerospace and technology companies, many have provided the Communist Chinese regime with the technology and know-how to perfect rockets and intercontinental missiles.

Because of this assistance from American citizens, the Chinese now have the capability of delivering nuclear weapons to the United States. This puts millions of Americans in danger of nuclear incineration should we ever again confront the Chinese Communists about their belligerent actions or aggressive behavior.

Making matters worse, the Clinton administration appears to have been a willing accomplice to this crime against our people; and the President himself may have been involved in actions aimed at preventing legal action by the Justice Department from being taken against the perpetrators of these outrageous impossible crimes.

What I am saying is as serious as anything that I have ever said in the 10 years that I have been a Member of Congress. As chairman of the House Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee, it is my responsibility to oversee NASA and America's space effort. Because of this, I have a certain degree of knowledge about missiles and rockets. This expertise allowed me to understand the horrific implications of the cooperation between American companies and the Chinese in the improvement of the Chinese aerospace launch systems which I first heard about several months ago.

The story probably began several years ago when I was asked to support an effort then being made by Hughes Electronics to assist in their sales of communication satellites to China. Some countries like China were insisting on launching purchased satellites, satellites that had been purchased from Hughes on their own rockets.

It made sense to me that setting up a telecommunication system for China was a good idea. Launching these satellites up there, putting the satellites up so they could have a telephone system and they make long distance calls and such, that was a good idea, would connect them to the rest of the world. It would link them to the world, and our folks would make a profit in doing it, so why not give them permission? It was a good idea.

Was it a good idea for our U.S. firms to launch satellites on foreign rockets? Well, yes, they could do so if they were willing to do it at their own risk.

I supported the request. But at no time did I or anyone else in Congress support the idea that any American company or any American citizen should be upgrading Chinese rockets to launch those satellites; and that, my friends, looks like what has happened. Americans and American companies using their skill and their technology, some of it developed by American tax dollars during the Cold War, being used to upgrade the capabilities of Chinese rockets and missiles.

The Chinese Communist regime who was unable to hit us with rockets and missiles 5 years ago, I am very sad to say, now has the capability of landing nuclear weapons transported by rockets landing those nuclear weapons in the United States, and we are the ones who perfected their rockets.

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In a nutshell, until last year, the Chinese Long March Rocket had a shaky history of misfires, explosions and unreliability. It took three or four Long March Rocket launches to complete one successful mission. That is why it was a shock to learn a few months ago that the Long March now is more reliable. It has, it seems, been perfected.

This became evident when I heard that two satellites from Motorola's iridium project were launched into orbit, and it only took two Long March Rockets to do it. Two out of two successful shots. How could this be, I asked myself? And then I got a sinking feeling in my stomach that I knew the answer.

I will tell my colleagues how it could be. After the blow-up of a Long March Rocket, a team of American engineers working for an American firm sat down and rolled up their sleeves in what they treated as nothing more than an engineering project. They thought that what they were doing was just engineering. And when it was all over, the Red Chinese had the ability to reliably put into orbit commercial satellites. That alone was a betrayal of American aerospace workers who built competitive launch systems like the Delta Rocket. And by the way, the Delta Rocket just happens to be built in my congressional district. So for us to upgrade their rocket capability using our technology, that was a betrayal in and of itself of the economic responsibility we have to watch out for our own people.

But putting their fellow American aerospace workers out of jobs is not all these companies did by helping the Chinese upgrade their missiles. They put all of us in the crosshairs of a Communist Government, which, thanks to this assistance, now has the ability not just to put satellites into space, but to deliver nuclear weapons to a majority of American cities.

When this realization first hit me, it knocked the wind right out of my lungs. I could hardly breathe. And when I queried an executive from one of the corporations who were involved in upgrading this Chinese missile capability, he quickly stated that I should not worry, because he understood that his company was operating with a national security waiver signed by the President of the United States. He did not say that he had seen this waiver personally.

The engineering achievement this gentleman talked about was Rocket Stage Separation technology and Multiple Independent Reentry Vehicle technology. If my colleagues cannot understand it, the first one is the stage technology that permits the stages of the rockets to separate; the last one I talked about is called MIRV technology.

But before these technologies were given to the Chinese, the Long March would often blow up, and they would blow up when the stages tried to separate, and if it survived the stages' separation and made it into space, there was often a problem with the satellite dispenser. That is where the MIRV technology comes in.

So the American companies proceeded to provide stage separation technology as well as technology that enabled the rocket to spit out satellites, or nuclear warheads, whichever the Communist Chinese might want to use on any particular day.

About the same time, and perhaps as part of the same team, even perhaps as part of the same effort, two other aerospace firms were involved in a project to upgrade and perfect the Long March Rocket's flight control and guidance systems. Apparently an electrical flaw had caused a malfunction which blew up a Long March Rocket attempting to launch a satellite by Loral Space and Communications of Manhattan. Again, the American technological cavalry came to the rescue.

Engineers from Loral, assisted by engineers from Hughes Electronics, and at the direction of their superiors, charged forward to correct the problems in the Long March. It seems what happened was a sterile, coldly calculated decision to fix these problems with no consideration of the national security implications to the United States.

One must hope that no consideration was given to our security, because if there was consideration given to our security, it means these company officials said to themselves, to hell with the safety of every man, woman and child in the United States; this is a lucrative contract and we are not going to lose it. Well, where the hell do they think they are going to go home to once the contract is over?

A few years ago it was unlikely that the Chinese Communists could threaten us with a nuclear strike. Confronting their misdeeds then could be accomplished with limited risk. Our leaders have tremendous leverage to prevent aggression and to keep the lid on volatile situations. Now, all of that has changed, much of it due perhaps to the assistance to the Chinese Communists by American citizens and American companies.

In a recent report by the U.S. National Air Force Intelligence Center, that report indicates that China now has a new three-stage intercontinental ballistic missile that can reach every State in our country, except southern Florida. The report states that these missiles carry only a single warhead. But the Communists are close to producing a new system with multiple independent reentry vehicles, MIRVs. The security of our country will never be the same.

The young people who are watching on their televisions or are here with us tonight, their lives will be far less secure than it ever would have been had we not permitted this to happen. The security that people expected that we would take into consideration was not part of the equation. Unfortunately, the young people of our country now will have to live under a cloud that they could be pulverized by nuclear weapons sent from mainland China on a rocket that American technology helped build for our adversaries.

In May 1997, the Pentagon produced a classified report on missile expertise transferred to China which concluded that the United States national security was probably damaged by the Loral-Hughes technology transfers I have just described. This was followed by an investigation into the deal by the U.S. Justice Department. Then, only a few weeks ago it was revealed by the press that a Federal grand jury was investigating Loral and Hughes for possible violations of law in this outrageous transfer of weapons know-how to the Communist Chinese.

Now comes the kicker of this story. President Clinton and his administration have been doing everything they can to quash the investigation of this possible violation of law, this betrayal of our country. According to press accounts, Justice Department officials claim that 2 months ago, their investigation was seriously undermined when President Clinton quietly approved the export to China of similar rocketry expertise by Loral. Our President cut the legs out right from under the law enforcement agencies trying to investigate this matter, a matter which is obviously of great importance to our national security.

This move reflects a horrifyingly cavalier attitude toward the safety of our people from the nuclear weapons capabilities of the Communist Chinese,

or it could be even worse. Worse? Yes, worse than a cavalier attitude about the Chinese Communists being able to hit us with nuclear weapons. What is worse than that? An attitude that is not cavalier, but it was a conscious decision.

The CEO of Loral is Bernard Schwartz. This gentleman also has the distinction of being one of the largest single contributors to President Clinton's reelection campaign; and unlike other aerospace companies, would strive to have a balanced portfolio of campaign contributions. This company obviously had its man, and his name was Bill Clinton.

Mr. Schwartz was the largest individual contributor to the Democratic Party in 1997, and in 1996, together with Loral and Hughes Companies, contributed $2.5 million to the Democratic Party that we know about, almost triple their contributions that they gave to the Republican Party.

We are also aware of the likelihood that the Communist Chinese had contributions of their own that made their way into President Clinton's campaign coffers. The total dollar figure is unknown because, it is unknown because those who have that information are currently on the lam. They are hiding so they will not have to testify as to Chinese Communist money going into President Clinton's campaign. Many of them have left the country, and those who have come back are looking for immunity to testify before Congress, but they are now in the process of having their immunity denied by Democrat Members of this body who are part of the investigating committee. They will not grant them immunity, because they do not want that information coming out.

What, if any, have these Chinese Communist donations purchased? Direct evidence is sketchy, but we do know that since President Clinton was elected in November 1992, China has violated its nonproliferation commitments no less than 20 times according to the Congressional Research Service.

In response, the administration has only twice imposed sanctions in accordance with U.S. law, and in one of these cases, the sanctions were waived in one of these cases after only 1 year. In addition, China has repeatedly transferred or discussed transferring weapons of mass destruction to rogue nations such as Iran and Libya, after assuring our country that all such actions had ceased.

Today, it is Israel's 50th anniversary. Fifty years, Israel has been in conflict for 50 years. One of the greatest threats to Israel is what? Rockets that can hit their targets fired at them from extremist countries and terrorist countries like Iran. And yet, President Clinton seems to have undercut the investigations and greased the skids for providing the Communist Chinese technology that, even after the Chinese have repeatedly provided technology to people like the Iranians and others who are enemies not only of the United States, but enemies of Israel.

In giving the Iranians guidance system technology for rockets, this is quite a birthday present for Israel, and quite a birthday present for anybody in the Western world who sides with the United States and sides with the Western democracies.

And of course now, the administration claims, we are going to reach out again and accept the Chinese Communist word again that they will not do it anymore, they will not give any more information, and in exchange for that agreement not to give any more information, we are going to give them all the rest of our technological secrets. We are going to extend the cooperation with the Communist Chinese to a greater extent than it has ever been. That is a proposal right now going on that the President is preparing to offer when he goes to China next month. This is a travesty, it is a travesty.

In this atmosphere, President Clinton will go to China next month, and the papers suggest that he is going to offer the Communist Chinese to share with them our space technology if they just agree not to transfer it to others. This, of course, is nonsense on the face of it. We are going to share our technology with someone who has already given it to our enemies, somebody who themselves are a Communist dictatorship and one of the worst violators of human rights on this planet? People who are torturing Christians and other believers, we are going to give our space technology to them?

Well, I suggest that this is nonsense on the face of it, and that is not what this is all about. This proposal by the President, I believe, is trying to do something that he did before when he undercut the investigation into Loral and Hughes. What this is is trying to offer a mask, this new policy the administration is offering, is doing nothing more than trying to give a mask to deeds that have already been done, just as the move in granting Loral approval to transfer rocket technology undercut the investigation into the wrongdoing that they have already done.

So in other words, this grandiose plan that we have read about in the newspapers may well be nothing more than a cover for misdeeds that have already taken place because the President knows that this information is going to come out about American technology being used by Chinese Communists to build their rockets which are aimed in our direction. The President knows how volatile that is, and the story has been coming out slowly but surely, and this speech tonight I think will even accelerate the information about this terrible betrayal of America's interests.

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[TIME: 1930]

What seems to have happened is that instead of civilizing the communist Chinese, our engagement with that government has corrupted our democracy. Instead of providing us wealth, it has undercut our domestic production and has transferred our technology to our adversaries. Instead of promoting peace, it has massively extended the raw destructive power of a regime that remains one of this world's worst human rights offenders and a country that threatens the peace and stability of the planet.

A recent confirmation of that expanded destructive power comes from General Haber, a commander of the U.S. Strategic Command. General Haber recently stated, and I quote, `The Chinese do have the deployment of an intercontinental missile that can reach most of the United States, except for southern Florida.'

Because of this new threat from communist China, because it is so overwhelming, this speech is going to be only the first of many I will make on the subject. But let me add one point here.

Here we have a President and an administration that is willing to undercut investigations into these companies and he may well, for all we know, by his own attitude have fostered an idea among these companies that they could get away with this type of betrayal of America's interests. Perhaps they saw the President and his dealings with China and how he makes a joke out of human rights, and they thought why should they consider America's national security interests.

But this is the same group of people, the President of the United States and his administration, who because of what they have done, now that the communist Chinese have the ability to hit our country with nuclear weapons, this is the same President that has gone out of his way to prevent us from developing a defense system that would defend us against an attack, a missile attack. This is the same administration that has done everything they can to prevent the Republicans from developing a missile defense system for the United States of America and for our allies. The standard is incredible. It is overwhelming. It still almost takes the air out of my lungs when I think about this.

I mean, just where is the interest of the American people? Who is concerned about it? Who is protecting us? It certainly is not people who would permit the technology that was developed during the Cold War for our own weapons systems to be handed over to the communist Chinese even before they have had any liberalization of their system.

Once the American people realize what has happened, I predict a wave of outrage will sweep across our country, even to Florida, even though they are the only ones who have not been made vulnerable by this. Though the Floridians cannot be hit by land-based missiles, the folks down there understand that being an American is more important that the almighty dollar and they understand that being an American is something special and they would never betray the interests of their country.

It seems like some of our citizens, including some prominent individuals, may have forgotten that and may be operating at a much lower level of value than that.

Perhaps President Clinton really was converted to the theory and convinced that these gangsters who now control the mainland of China could be civilized by luring them into economic dependency and technological dependency. If we make them economically dependent and so technologically dependent by giving them technology and building their economy up, that that will make things better. Maybe he really believes that.

Maybe he believes that once that happens and they have prosperity, that their iron fist can be unclenched because we will have proven to them our sincere desire for peace and, therefore, the insecurity and the vulnerability that the Chinese have, that will be satisfied and they can disarm and they will longer be this monstrous totalitarian regime that they are.

Let us give the President the benefit of the doubt. Maybe that is what he believes. That is the most foolish thing that I have ever heard, but I have heard it expressed so many times that we are going to have to give people good motives. But whether they have good motives or not, let us look at what is happening here. These are the same type of assurances and feeling that Neville Chamberlain gave the people of England about the Nazi regime shortly before the bombings of London that caused World War II. World War II was brought on by people trying to prove their sincerity to Hitler. Let him take the Rhineland back. Let us prove to him that he can take these territories. Where there is any question at all, always give him the benefit of the doubt. And our businessmen did business with Hitler and Hirohito up until the day that World War II started.

Mr. Speaker, these things did not make Hitler and the dictators in Japan and Italy any less aggressive or less likely to cause war. These things actually are foolishness and nonsense, and trying to prove that we were not a threat did just the opposite to these bosses.

We must never forget that the real reason for the communist Chinese and their monstrously bad human rights record, and for their continued military buildup, and for the unrelenting repression in China of Christians and Muslims and Buddhists, and for the continued genocide that is going on in Tibet, the main reason this is happening is the fundamental nature of the communist regime, the vile nature of their own political system. It is meant to be a communist dictatorship. They have never stepped back one inch from the idea that they will control their society with an iron fist.

Just the other day we read about what? It came out in the paper, I guess it was today in fact, a rock and roll singer was arrested in Hong Kong. And why? The rock and roll figure was arrested and put into prison because he is a threat to that country's national security. A rock and roll singer. Yes.

And Christians, and Muslims, and Buddhists, and the Dalai Lama's followers and anyone else who would speak up against this system. Any artist who would dare to show their work without permission. Anyone who would say anything against the regime outside of the communist party structure.

The solution that we need to have is not to try to prove our sincerity to the communist Chinese. We need to work with the people of China to overthrow and eliminate this corrupt, this vile, this tyrannical system and kick out these people who oppress them. The younger people in China do not believe in this, just like the younger people in Russia did not. Our goal should not be trying to give legitimacy and trying to make them not feel threatened by giving them our technology. That will only result in America being placed in jeopardy. It will only result in our people living less prosperous lives and now our people living under a cloud, under a threat of nuclear attack when five years ago they were not.

The solution, of course, is ending their system and bringing them in and demanding, demanding, yes demanding that there be real changes for us to have any closer relationships with them.

Finally, let me just summarize what we have talked

about tonight, what I have talked about tonight. Tonight, we have opened a discussion which I believe will continue and intensify in the weeks ahead. I have given details about a transfer of American technology by American companies to the communist Chinese. This transfer of American technology has perfected communist Chinese rocket systems which now enables these communist Chinese rockets to reach targets in the United States of America.

When Bill Clinton was elected President of the United States, the communist Chinese could not launch with a rocket from the mainland of China on a nuclear attack of the United States. They are now capable of that. The MIRV technology which our companies transferred to them also permits these same rockets not to carry a single warhead but to have several warheads. The same technology that spits out a satellite can be used to spit out nuclear warheads.

There was an investigation into this transfer of technology, an investigation by government officials who were convinced that America's national security had been put in jeopardy and that the law had been violated. President Clinton took actions that undermined and undercut that investigation.

At least one of the heads of the U.S. companies that were providing this technology to the communist Chinese is one of President Clinton's biggest campaign contributors and indeed the biggest campaign contributor to the Democratic Party in 1996. We do not know about the campaign contributions from the communist Chinese to President Clinton's campaign in the last presidential reelection campaign because the witnesses are on the lam, and the Democratic Party Members in the investigating committee are refusing to grant them immunity so that they can tell their story to the American people.

I do not like to come to the floor of the House to talk about something so horrendous as this. This has implications about the safety of every one of our families. I hope that everyone who is reading this in the Congressional Record and I hope that everyone who is seeing this on C-SPAN will make sure they contact their Member of Congress and make it clear that we should get to the bottom of this. And I assure my colleagues that this is one Member of Congress that will not stop until we get all of the information about this horrendous transfer of weapons and technology that has put us in jeopardy.

Speaker Gingrich and others now are in the process of requesting the information, and if this administration does not cooperate there will be hearings on this subject.

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