1997 Congressional Hearings
Special Weapons
Nuclear, Chemical, Biological and Missile

Full Committee Hearing:
"Iran Libya Sanctions Act - One Year Later"

July 17, 1997



	You are respectfully requested to attend the following OPEN

meeting of the FULL Committee on International Relations to be held in

Room 2172 Rayburn:

	DATE:			Wednesday, July 23, 1997	

	TIME:			10:00 AM

	PURPOSE:		"Iran Libya Sanctions Act - One Year Later"



	WITNESS:		Panel I:


				The Honorable Alan Larsen

				Assistant Secretary

				Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs

				Department of State

				The Honorable David Welch

				Acting Assistant Secretary

				Bureau of Near East Affairs

				Panel II:		

				Mr. Patrick Clawson

				Senior Research Professor

				National Defense University

				Ayatollah Dr. Mehdi Haeri Khorshidi (invited) 

				Iranian National Conference

				Ms. Sara Miller


				Petroleum Intelligence Weekly

				Mr. Jeffrey J. Schott

				Senior Fellow

				Institute for International Economics


The Commitee seeks to make its facilities accessible to persons with 

disabilities.  If you are in need of special accomodations, please call 

(202) 225-5021 at least four business days in advance of the event, whenever 

practicable.  Questions with regard to special accomodations in general 

(including availability of Committee materials in alternative formats and 

assistive listening devices) may be directed to the Committee as noted above. 	


						Richard J. Garon

						Chief of Staff