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Mr. BENNETT. Mr. President, if I may, Mr. President, I would like to take just a few minutes on a related but different subject. We have been talking about blowing people up here this morning with landmines. I would not intrude on that debate with another issue, except that it is hot off the press this morning.

Secretary Cohen has revealed that Chinese military companies have exported a dangerous new weapon to Iran. I have discussed this weapon on the floor before. But this is a dangerous new development, and I would like to call the attention of Senators to what Secretary Cohen has revealed this morning.

We have here a drawing of the C-802 antishipping cruise missile that is designed by the Chinese on the basis of the Exocet missile . Here is a picture of the U.S.S. Stark that was struck by an Exocet missile 10 years ago, in which 37 American sailors were killed. The Stark was out of commission for a full year. Ten years later, the C-802 is considered to be a more lethal weapon than the one that struck the Stark.

Here is a picture of a Chinese freighter, on the fantail of which they have loaded five missile boats which are being sent to Iran, each one of them with missile launchers, and four tubes that can be used against American shipping in the gulf. I have shown this picture to the Senate before. I have also shown this next picture to the Senate, a land-based C-802 which has been exported to Iran by Chinese companies.

This morning Secretary Cohen told us that Chinese companies have added a final dimension to their export. We have a picture from the Chinese sales brochure of a helicopter equipped with the C-802, and the Chinese sales brochure says: `Air to Ship. The air-launched C-802, named C-801K, can be adapted to aircraft such as attackers and helicopters.' This picture out of the sales brochure shows this missile as it has been exported to Iran.

Mr. President, there is a law against this kind of thing. It is called the Gore-McCain Act. Secretary Cohen now says that because of the actions of Chinese companies, Iranian forces can threaten American servicemen and women literally from 360 degrees--land, water, and now air.

I intend to offer an amendment to the underlying legislation that we will take up in just a few moments calling upon the administration to enforce the Gore-McCain Act against those Chinese companies that are exporting this technology to Iran in violation of American law. The Secretary of State has already invoked the other sanctions laws by bringing sanctions against Chinese companies that have exported poison gas to Iran. I want to, here, now, apply that same principle to the exportation of these missiles .

Again, Mr. President, I would not intrude on this debate on landmines with this information if it had not just come up this morning with Secretary Cohen's announcement that this export has taken place and that the dangerous new weapon is now has a dangerous new dimension in Iran.

Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent to have printed in the Record various press releases on this subject.

There being no objection, the material was ordered to be printed in the Record, as follows: