DIVISION C--MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS (House of Representatives - June 10, 1997)

Mr. GILMAN. I thank the gentleman for yielding me this time.

Mr. Chairman, I rise to reluctantly oppose the Rohrabacher amendment. The gentleman is someone I admire on the committee and has done much good. I will note that when we considered this amendment in committee, the gentleman from Illinois [Mr. Hyde] offered a perfecting amendment allowing the President to waive this restriction if he found it to be in the national security interest of our Nation.

U.S. assistance programs in Russia are key to United States security. We won the cold war and now it is time to lock in our win to make certain Russia never is such a major threat to the United States.

If the gentleman from California [Mr. Rohrabacher] would include a Hyde national security waiver, I would not oppose this amendment. However, without a Hyde security waiver, I reluctantly have to oppose the amendment. I am concerned about weapons to China, but this hurts our key interests in Russia without ensuring the end of missile transfers.

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