March 1996

RDT&E, Defensewide / BA 03 (Advanced Technology Development) PE:0603173C (Proj: 3153)

PE Title: Support Tech (U)

Project Number / Title:
3153 Architecture Analysis and BM/C3 Initiatives

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0603173C RDT&E6,291000000 CompleteComplete


(U) To prepare for critical future active defense needs, advanced technology programs will invest in a balanced program of high leverage technologies that yield improved capabilities across a selected range of boost phase and terminal missile defense interceptors, advanced target sensors, and innovative science. The objectives of these investments are component technologies with improved performance or reduced costs for acquisition programs, and technical solution options to mitigate advanced and unpredicted threats.

(U) This project, which began in FY95, supports two offices within BMDO to ensure that appropriate issues relating to system architecture and Battle Management/Command, Control, and Communications (BM/C3) are addressed in a coordinated and synergistic manner across all BMDO National Missile Defense (NMD) and Theater Missile Defense (TMD) efforts. The offices of Architecture Integrator and the BM/C3 Office report directly and independently to the BMDO Director to provide the necessary mission-area oversight to address and resolve BM/C3 technical issues.

(U) This project includes systems analyses of alternative ballistic missile defense architectures and concepts. These analyses are independent studies of element designs, architecture performance, alternative architectures and their performance, architecture costs, and insertion of emerging technologies into the system elements to reduce costs and increase effectiveness. Efforts also include mission analyses and simulations which focus on defining ballistic missile defense concepts; the impact of these concepts on international stability, deterrence, and arms control; and strategic and tactical effectiveness of proposed architectures. During FY95, Architecture Integrator activities performed under this Program Element comprised the continuation of architecture analysis and integration activities beginning prior to FY95. In FY96, these activities will continue under the TMD Program Elements for Project 3153.


(U) This project provided for the mission-area oversight and coordination of all BMDO BM/C3 development and acquisition activities in the role of senior advisor to the Director, BMDO. It also provided for the synergistic evaluation of relevant BM/C3 technical issues; the formulation of appropriate plans, programs, and policies to facilitate the coordination of all BMD Advanced Development BM/C3 research, development, and acquisition activities across TMD and NMD program activities; promotion of appropriate reuse strategies to maximize BMD reuse capabilities; and the minimization on duplication of BM/C3 research and development efforts across all NMD and TMD development efforts.

(U) FY 1995 Plans and Accomplishments:

o ($2.870M) Architecture Analysis:

Compared the government baseline and specific contractor element designs for both TMD & NMD architectures.

Evaluated advanced technology concepts in architecture/element alternatives especially in TMD boost phase intercept systems.

o ($3.421M) BM/C3 Initiatives:

Updated NMD BM/C3 Domain Information Architecture (IA).

Updated NMD BM/C3 Concept of Operations (CONOPS)-based IA Object View.

Updated NMD BM/C3 CONOPS-based IA Executable.

Began development of a limited NMD BMC3 functional capability to support Integrated Ground Test (IGT)-2.

Developed Draft IA Engineering Guide.

Developed Draft IA Implementation Guide.

Developed Draft BM/C3 Engineering Process Guide.

Completed study of Feature-Oriented Domain Analysis techniques to support BMD software reuse capabilities.

Conducted analyses of existing and emerging software reuse implementations for possible incorporation as an initial BMD software reuse capability.

Completed draft BM/C3 Policy Document, including Draft Software Reuse Implementation Guide and draft Software Standards/Policy Updates.

Coordinated training for and performance of Software Capability Evaluations to support BM/C3/System Engineering & Integration (SE&I) Contract Evaluation and Award and National Test Facility (NTF) contractor.

Conducted investigations of external DoD, Allied, and industry initiatives to leverage from and advance BM/C3 development capabilities.

(U) FY 1996 Plans:


(U) FY 1997 Plans:


(U) FY 1998 Plans:


(U) Acquisition Strategy:

This project will not be funded via this Program Element during FY96 or beyond.


FY1995FY1996FY1997FY1998 TOTAL COST
Previous President's Budget7,3920007,392
Current Budget Submit6,2910006,291

Change Summary Explanation:

Funding: This project was started in FY95 to ensure issues related to system architecture and BM/C3 were addressed across all BMDO NMD and TMD offices. Beginning in FY96, these activities will continue under the TMD Program Elements for Project 3153.

Schedule: None

Technical: None


Related RDT&E:Funding Dependency (Yes1/No)
1460 BM/C3, PE 0603871CNo
3152 NMD Systems Engineering, PE 0603871CNo
3153 Arch. Anal. & BM/C3 Initiatives, PE 0603871CNo
3153 Arch. Anal. & BM/C3 Initiatives, PE 0603872CYes
3251 Systems Engineering and Tech Support, PE 0603872CNo

1Funding data for related RDT&E efforts that have a funding dependency can be found in the respective project summary/program element.

D. (U) Schedule Profile

1234123412 341234
Engineering Milestonexaxb,c,d,exf,g,h,i,j,k
T&E Milestone
Tech Demo Milestone
Contract Milestonexl

a NMD BM/C3 Domain Information Architecture (IA)

b NMD BM/C3 CONOPS-based IA Object View

c NMD BM/C3 CONOPS-based IA Executable

d IGT-2 Support Software

e Feature-Oriented Domain Analysis Report

f Software Capability Evaluations Results

g Draft IA Engineering Guide

h Draft IA Implementation Guide

i Draft BM/C3 Engineering Process Guide

j Initial BMDO BM/C3 Software Reuse Capability

k Draft BM/C3 Policy Document

l Architecture Analysis Support Contract Award

Planned Milestones Beyond FY98: