15 May 96

P.O. BOX 5999 CHICAGO, IL 60680

185 Discoverer Blvd, Suite 1315
Los Angles AFC, CA 90245-4695

SUBJECT: Synopsis Number 75 - Presolicitation Notice/Procurement

1. P!!
2. 0515!!
3. 96!!
4. GP0391132!!
5. 90245-4695!!
6. 18!!

7. HQ Space and Missile Systems Center/MTKA, 185 Discoverer Blvd, Suite 1315, Los Angeles AFB, CA 90245-4695!!

8. 18--Space Based Infrared Systems Low Earth Orbit Demonstration/Validation Phase!!

9. F04701-96-R-0013!!

10. 070196!!

11. Technical Contact Point: Captain Roger Claypoole, (310) 363-5706; Contracting Officer: Mr James H Gill, (310) 363-6917!!

12. N/A!!
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17. The Space and Missile Tracking System (SMTS), Advanced Programs Division, Space Based Infrared Systems (SBIRS) Program Office, is seeking potential offerors for the SBIRS Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Program, Demonstration/Validation (Dem/Val) Phase. To meet Congressional mandates for an accelerated SMTS deployment starting in FY02, the Air Force solicits an alternative system concept to reduce technical and schedule risks. In addition to the current TRW design concept, the Air Force seeks one or more prime contractors to demonstrate and validate critical design issues and reduce the risk associated with entering Pre-Engineering Manufacturing Development (Pre-EMD) by 4QFY98.

The goals of the Dem/Val phase are to stimulate competition, resolve key technical and producibility risks, and create an alternate plan to ensure that SBIRS LEO deployment schedules can be executed. The validation methods for proposed technical solutions may include on-orbit demonstrations, ground demonstrations, simulations, analyses, and/or past experience. Maximum use of products from existing commercial or other spacecraft programs is encouraged. The Dem/Val effort will complement the TRW Flight Demonstration System (FDS), and the TRW/Hughes team is excluded from this effort.

The Air Force intends to release a Request for Proposal (RFP) on or about 31 May 1996. This RFP will be released via the PK home page of the World Wide Web (http://www.laafb.af.mil/PK/rfptrial.htm). Potential offerors requesting inclusion on the Bidder’s List must specify their interest as a prime contractor or subcontractor by 30 May 1996. Proposals are due 1 July 1996 by 1700 PST, and potential offerors should reference RFP section L for early submittal requirements. It is the Air Force’s intention to award one or more contracts for the Dem/Val effort, with anticipated contract award date on or about 1 August 1996.

All information shall be submitted to SMC/MTKA, 185 Discoverer Blvd, Suite 1315, Los Angeles AFB, CA 90245-4695, Attn James H Gill, Contracting Officer, fax number 310-363-6882. Requests for inclusion on the Bidder’s List may be submitted via fax; no other fax responses will be accepted. Qualified offerors must possess a secret facility clearance and government approved classified material storage container(s) in order to receive and store classified portions of Government-Furnished Information (GFI). This acquisition requires the prime contractor to be U.S. owned and controlled and located on-shore. Off-shore subcontractors are authorized for non-restricted portions of the acquisition. Offerors must indicate whether they are a small business concern; use Standard Industrial Classification Code 8731 (1,000 employees).

An Ombudsman has been appointed to hear concerns from offerors or potential offerors during the proposal development phase of this acquisition. The purpose of the Ombudsman is not to diminish the authority of the Program Manager or the Contracting Officer, but to communicate offeror concerns, issues, disagreements and recommendation to the appropriate government personnel. When requested, the Ombudsman will maintain strict confidentiality as to the source of the concern. The Ombudsman does not participate in the evaluation of proposals nor in the source selection process. The Ombudsman, Mr. Les Bordelon, can be reached at (310) 363-3818. Direct technical questions to Captain Roger Claypoole, SMC/MTAS, at (310) 363-5706, email [email protected], and contractual questions to Mr James H Gill, SMC/MTKA, at (310) 363-6917. Requests for Sensitive Compartmentalized Information (SCI) level discussions to be held at Los Angeles AFB should be referred to LtCol Ivette Falto-Heck, SMC/MTAS, 310-363-6853. All future announcements, updates, and unclassified information for this program will be available on the PK Home Page of the World Wide Web. The Government will not pay for any effort expended in responding to this notice.*****

SMC/PA Contracting Officer
SMC/PKOM Advanced Programs Division SBIR System Program Office