Mission Description:

     EELV is a space launch system development program to replace the current fleet of medium- to heavy-lift expendable vehicles (Titan II, Delta II, Atlas II, and Titan IV) with a more affordable family of vehicles. The new space launch vehicles must be able to meet the Government’s combined spacelift needs (DoD, intelligence, and other missions) through at least 2020. The primary EELV configurations are the Medium-Lift Variant (MLV), required by FY 2002 to support satellite block changes and transitions, and the Heavy-Lift Variant (HLV), required by FY 2005 to assure continued access to space following Titan IV phaseout.

Key Program Factors:

Program includes system design, key technology demonstrations, modifications to industrial capabilities and launch facilities, and demonstration launches of both MLVs and HLVs

Acquisition concept reduces recurring costs at least 25% by emphasizing hardware and infrastructure commonality, and enhancing production, operations and support efficiencies via economies of scale

Acquisition Service and Category: Air Force, ACAT-1D

After a four-contract 15-month Low Cost Concept Validation (LCCV) phase, two contracts were awarded in December 1996 for a 17-month Pre-EMD phase. A seven-year single-contract EMD phase (value = $1.4 billion) is planned for a June 1998 award

Work continues to incorporate commercial requirements into the HLV.


     Major contractors:

Lockheed Martin, Denver, CO; McDonnell Douglas, Huntington Beach, CA.