This brochure provides a brief historical overview of the Space and Missile Systems Center and its predecessors. Predecessor organizations include the Western Development Division and the Air Force Ballistic Missile Division of the 1950s, Space Systems Division and Ballistic Systems Division of the 1960s, the Space and Missile Systems Organization of the 1960s and 1970s, and Space Division and the Ballistic Missile Office of the 1980s. The brochure covers the evolution of the mission and the organizational structure, the history of base facilities, and the history of the principal space and missile programs managed by SMC and its predecessors. It concludes with a section on the role of space systems in the Persian Gulf War and their enhanced importance as a result of that war.

The authors of this brochure wish to thank their colleague, Bella Hunter, who helped assemble the photographs for the brochure. They also wish to thank Jim Ireland of the 61st Communications Squadron's Visual Information Media Branch and Tom Thomas of the Fort MacArthur Military Museum, who provided some of the photographs, as well as Jantec Art Services, of the 61st Communications Squadron, who did the design and layout of the publication.

Timothy C. Hanley
Chief, History Office
Space and Missile Systems Center
October 1995