Advanced Narrowband Digital Voice Terminal (ANDVT) (U)

Overview (U):

(U) Air Force UHF Terminals provide the Air Force Demand Assigned Multiple Access (DAMA) capability for the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC).

Details (U):

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Description (U):

(U) The Advanced Narrowband Digital Voice Terminal (ANDVT) is being procured for the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC). The ANDVT will provide AFSOC platforms with Demand Assigned Multiple Access (DAMA) terminals for UHF satellite communications. ANDVT will be installed on the AC-130H/U, MC-130H, MC-130E, EC-130E, MH-53J, and MH-60G.

User Impact (U):

(U) To be supplied.

Programmatics (U):

(U) Operational.

Images (U):

ANDVTAdvanced Narrowband Digital Voice Terminal
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Related Requirements (U):None.

Related Categories (U):
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Road Map Placements (U):

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Lead Office (U):

(U) Navy.

(U) DoD: USD (A&T) and OASD(C3I), Pentagon, Washington, DC
(U) Service Staff: CNO (Space and Electronic Warfare/Navy Space Systems Division) Pentagon, Washington, DC
(U) Major Command: Commander, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, Arlington, VA
(U) Program Management: SPAWAR Joint Maritime Communications Program Office (PMW-176), Arlington, VA

Point of Contact (U):

(U) Maj Steven Cliatt, SMC, Open Phone: (310) 336-4475.

Date Of Information (U):

(U) 01 February 1997

(U) Road Map Production Date: 12 July 1999