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Stand Alone Air GPS Receiver (SAGR), AN/ASN-169

The SAGR is a six channel PPS-rated receiver intended for use in selected Army rotary wing aircraft. The SAGR is produced by upgrading government-owned AN/PSN-10 Small Lightweight GPS Receivers (SLGR) originally procured during Operation Desert Storm. The SAGR replaces SLGR currently installed to various Army aircraft. The SAGR will not replace SLGR in any ground mobile application which are displaced by the AN/PSN-11 PLGR.

Installation of the SAGR utilizes existing SLGR aircraft installation brackets and a new L1/L2 antenna.

The SAGR carries a sealed-unit four year warranty with all repair to be accomplished by the manufacturer. Contractor support is anticipated for life cycle support beyond the warranty period.

Mission Planning software will be distributed to support SAGR operations, allowing multiple waypoint data to be entered using common computer systems.

SAGR will be distributed in accordance with a HQDA approved plan to equip selected modernized and non-modernized aircraft. First priority goes to forward deployed Army aircraft that are not currently equipped with integrated GPS systems. Eventually, the installation of integrated GPS systems will result in the migration of all SAGR to the remaining non-modernized aircraft. First SAGR deliveries began in late 1QFY96. SAGR contract is limited to 1000 systems.

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