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Recognizing the need for a miniaturized handheld receiver equivalent in size to the SLGR but capable of receiving the more accurate PPS signal while also incorporating other required features, the PLGR was acquired in 1993 using NDI procedures and continues in production. Advancing GPS technology combined with competition to yield an unexpectedly low cost, and resulted in a high demand for this very capable receiver. In addition to extensive handheld and ground-mobile use, the PLGR is being used for medium dynamics aircraft applications.

The Enhanced PLGR (sometimes referred to as EPLGR) is also being procured with the performance objective of lower power usage; longer battery life is estimated to save $25M in battery procurements. It incorporates Differential (DGPS - explained in section 4.2.2) and a number of changes that include other data interfaces and 43 new user interfaces/display type functions. The PLGR was manufactured by Rockwell Collins Avionics, Cedar Rapids, IA.

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