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Global Multi-mission Support Platform (GMSP)

The goal of the Global Multi-mission Support Platform (GMSP) is to yield significant cost reductions in meeting future requirements (2007-2010 timeframe) of several missions by only developing one new spacecraft. The program will explore technically, politically and fiscally viable cross-mission concepts and architectures meeting mission area requirements taking advantage of the anticipated synergy between traditionally independent mission areas such as navigation, satellite communications and other missions, as appropriate. It will develop the acquisition strategy consistent with current mission area milestones and missions with initial operational capability (IOC) requirements in the 2007-9 time frame. The program will conduct the necessary planning and programming actions for a potential joint ACAT 1 program to meet a Milestone 0/1 decision in the third quarter of 2000.

One of SMC’s strategic goals is to identify and exploit opportunities across the varied communities that utilize space systems. Tothis end, SMC’s Developmental Planning Directorate (SMC/XR) has created the GMSP Project Office. The GMSP Project Office draws together multifunctional and multidisciplined individuals from across SMC and other organizations to investigate which concepts best meet multiple MEO mission requirements and to make the necessary acquisition plans to support milestone decisions. This approach is new in that it breaks down "stovepipes" in the space community. Such "horizontal engineering" is not without risks that will need to be weighed and addressed as the choices of which missions to combine are made.

Sources and Methods

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