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DMSP Imagery

The primary imagery from DMSP consists of visual and infrared (IR) data that is used by forecasters in predicting weather for DOD purposes. The data comes in two forms: Fine (0.3-nautical-mile resolution) and Smooth (1.5-nautical-mile resolution). Data can be collected, stored, and transmitted in either Smooth or Fine format. Thermal Fine (TF) data is collected continuously, day and night, by the IR detector. Light Fine (LF) data is collected by a silicon detector during the day. At night, a photomultiplier tube performs the data-collection task.

DMSP Infrared Data

DMSP Visual Data

DMSP Infrared (Thermal) Data (TOP); and DMSP Visual (Light) Data (BOTTOM).

Other mission sensors, often referred to as special sensors, provide other meteorological data, depending on the spacecraft configuration. Some of these mission sensors include:

Sensor ID Purpose
SSB/X-2 Gamma Ray Detector
SSI/ES Ions and Scintillation Detector
SSJ/4 Precipitating Electron Spectrometer
SSM Fluxgate Magnetometer
SSM/T Microwave Temperature Sounder
SSM/I Microwave Imager

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