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DMSP Data Reconstruction System

The DRS at Site III receives DMSP satellite and telemetry data on a 3.072 Mb/s multiplexed domestic satellite link from the remote tracking stations (below). In addition, data from NOAA satellites are received and processed. The 2.66 Mb/s interleaved DMSP data stream is extracted from the multiplexed data stream and is deinterleaved into the light and thermal 1.33 Mb/s DMSP stored data streams. The light and thermal DMSP stored data streams are then decrypted and routed to the Satellite Data Handling System decommutators and to the Central Database via the Data Formatters. Data can be stored on any of the eight tape units in the Data Recording Subsystem. Image data from real-time or recorded passes can be reproduced in hard copy. The test and maintenance facility can inject test data into the DRS for troubleshooting and operator training. SGDB image products can be routed from the Central Database or the Satellite Data Handling System via the DRS to the "Big D" display device, where hard copies of the images are generated.


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