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DMSP Air Force Global Weather Central (AFGWC)

AFGWC is the primary user of DMSP satellite data. AFGWC receives, processes, and disseminates meteorological and environmental data required to support DOD activities (below). Within AFGWC, DMSP satellite data is received by the Data Reconstruction System (DRS) at Site III. The DRS delivers DMSP data to the Central Database (CDB) and to the Satellite Data Handling System (SDHS). The CDB systems integrate the DMSP data into the Satellite Global Database (SGDB) and forward the SGDB image data to the SDHS and to other external customers. The SDHS processes DMSP, SGDB, and other data to produce weather products that are also forwarded to external customers via the Site III equipment.

Air Force Global Weather Central

Site III operators can schedule, route, and process DMSP and TRIOS data through the DRS using automated procedures. The operator interacts with the switching and Patching Subsystem computer to configure the flow of data through the data recording, data display, and data formatting equipment. The Data recording System consists of eight tape recorders (seen behind the operator console). Data recording capabilities include computer-controlled tape searching to retrieve required data from current or archived tapes.

Site III Operator

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