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DMSP MPSOC Installation

The Multi-Purpose Satellite Operations Center
The Multi-Purpose Satellite Operations Center (MPSOC) installation consists of several rooms located in the Martin Bomber Building at Offutt AFB, Nebraska, with Domestic Communications Satellite (DOMSAT) equipment located nearby.
Physically, MPSOC consists of several areas: a Command and Control Center (CCC), Computer Equipment Room, Crypto Room, Spacecraft Analysis Area (SAA), Maintenance Area, and DOMSAT equipment. The DOMSAT equipment has two antennas and a small shelter located on the grounds of Offutt AFB, NE. The remaining areas are located in the Martin Bomber Building, an old aircraft hangar, at Offutt AFB. The DOMSAT equipment is located next to the Martin Bomber Building. This equipment is shared with AF Global Weather Central, located in the same building (see figure).

The CCC provides three consoles for the primary operators (TSO, CSO, Crew Commander). Each console provides a position for the TSO, CSO, and Crew Commander, associated with a single-satellite contact. The consoles are designed to allow the operators to maintain eye contact. Computer terminals and telephone equipment are located at each position. A Flight Commander console is provided, located so that the Flight Commander can make eye contact with each of the three Crew Commanders, and is equipped with terminals that can monitor any display in the CCC. The CCC also provides a position for the GSO.

The Computer Equipment Room provides a common location with adequate cooling air and power for the computers and associated equipment at MPSOC. Equipment for both the Narrowband and Wideband Networks, for commanding, real-time, and stored EST, is located in this area. The DDCPs and System Communications Units (SCUs) are also located in this room.

The Crypto Room at MPSOC provides a physically secure room in which the cryptographic encryption/decryption equipment is located.

The SAA area provides terminals and telephone equipment for several analysts, and a loudspeaker system in a common area.

The Maintenance Area is provided with tools and equipment for onsite maintenance. The computer maintenance terminals are also located in this area.

Additional terminals are located in offices throughout this facility. These terminals can be selectively controlled by a Real-Time or Support computer.

Because the elements of MPSOC are contained within the Martin Bomber Building, no dedicated facility is used for MPSOC. Regular commercial power and base telephone service is supplied to this facility. Short-term (about 30 minutes maximum) battery power is supplied for critical functions.

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