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MPSOC is the primary satellite operations center for DMSP. It is charged with supporting launch, early orbit, and day-to-day operations. It can communicate directly with the DMSP satellites through the dedicated data acquisition equipment at FSOC or through the shared RTSs. It also can communicate with the DMSP satellite via CSOC or CSTC and any RTS for commanding and real-time status only.

MPSOC uses a network of computers and multiple operators to provide the capability to support simultaneous contacts with up to three DMSP satellites. One Real-Time Computer supports each contact.

Each Real-Time Computer accepts decommutated and ID-tagged telemetry parameters from the associated Dual Decommutator and Command Processor (DDCP), and generates commands for transmission via the DDCP. There are three primary operators of this system associated with a single-satellite contact for normal orbital operations. The Telemetry System Operator (TSO) monitors the EST values, which are displayed on a color-graphic terminal by a Real-Time Computer. The Commanding System Operator (CSO) controls and monitors the satellite commands as they are generated for transmission, via a color-alphanumeric terminal controlled by the same Real-Time Computer. The Crew Commander directs and oversees the CSO and TSO, and views a color-graphic terminal controlled by the same Real-Time Computer. Generally, a specific group of three operators is associated with a specific DMSP satellite.

Additional telemetry analysts perform long-term analysis using color-graphic terminals controlled by a support computer. Additional telemetry analyst displays are also used during launch and early orbit operations. These terminals are selectively controlled from either the Real-Time or support computers.

Three Real-Time Computers, each with an associated DDCP and encryption/decryption equipment, are provided at MPSOC. The site is designed to support expansion for an additional Real-Time Computer with associated equipment.

Three support computers are also provided at MPSOC. These computers perform the long-term telemetry trend analysis and archival.

A Ground System Operator (GSO) uses the Ground System Management Computer (GSMC) to control the MPSOC system configuration, e.g., which Real-Time Computer is to be used for which DMSP satellite, which support computer is to be used in the various functions required. Dual GSMCs are provided, either of which can perform all required functions, to avoid a single-point failure in the system.

A Flight Vehicle Simulator (FVS) is also provided at MPSOC to allow training and testing. The FVS emulates the DMSP satellite. A FVS operator is needed when the FVS is in use.

Dual DOMSAT antennas and equipment, supporting simultaneous communication to FSOC and the shared RTSs via the F2R and F5 DOMSAT satellites, are provided at MPSOC. These links form the heart of the Wideband Network.

Internet equipment and Narrowband Network links are provided at MPSOC.

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