Statement of Objectives (SOO) for the

Military Spaceplane Integrated Technology Testbed (ITT)

29 Apr 97

1.0 Introduction

The Integrated Technology Testbed (ITT) procurement seeks integrated solutions to technological challenges posed by the Military Spaceplane (MSP) system requirements as defined in the MSP SRD dated 24 Apr 97. This acquisition is intended to provide an approach for risk reduction of specific technological challenges beyond those currently being addressed in existing military and civil programs. The risk reduction approach shall be based upon a MSP Mark I concept meeting the functional objectives of the SRD and scaleable and traceable to a Mark II-IV system. The MSP SRD is not a compliance document for this acquisition, but will guide the development/application of the testbed and testing of Ground Test Articles (GTA).

2.0 Technical Objectives

2.1 An integrated technology testbed traceable to a top-level MSP Mark I concept using the draft SRD as a guide

2.2 Prioritized critical components and subsystems

2.3 Requirements vs. technology trades and technology area sensitivity studies, including impact of on-going military and civil programs

- Analyses to include "aircraft-like" operability, affordability, supportability, and maintainability

- Effects of technology risk reduction efforts on Mark I concept

- Addressing applicability of the Integrated Powerhead Demonstration (IPD) Phillips Lab (PL/RK) program in trades and sensitivity studies

- Evaluation of scalability from Mark I to Mark II-IV concepts

2.4 Overall risk reduction

- Assess major technology risks

- Potential technology risk reduction efforts beyond the scope of on-going/planned military and civil/commercial efforts

2.5 Technology risk reduction demonstration(s) in one or more technology areas via Ground Test Articles (GTAs)

2.6 Top level risk identification and analysis for range and flight safety constraints

2.7 Management, engineering and hazardous materials management process and program to identify, eliminate, reduce, justify or control systems, test, environmental and health hazards and materials